Juicing For Weight Loss: An Introduction

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It often seems as if it is easier to win an Olympic gold medal than to achieve real and permanent weight loss. But you can enjoy the four benefits of juicing and also shed pounds with these juicing recipies for weight loss.

The approach is simple: Drink one to two glasses of juice daily. In this quantity, you will consume the nutrients of about the amount of veggies and fruit that everyone has always recommended. The advantages of juicing are both the convenience and the increased nutrient value. Even the same juice bottled commercially loses many of the most volatile nutrients to oxidation and heat. Those are three of four of the juicing benefits — freshness, maximum nutrition, and convenience.

The following recipes introduce you to the fourth juicing benefit: the unending variety available in juices you make yourself. Start with this one from the Great Juicing book:

Pineapple-Orange Rapture

4 oranges

2 cups pineapple

1 sweet potato

Process in juicer. Stir. This is very high in vitamins A and C — a great morning drink. Kids love it — just don’t mention all the ingredients. This juice by itself is very sweet, so use it mostly for flavoring other juices with a high vegetable content.

Do not get too enthusiastic about a juicing diet. Trying to lose more than 1/2 pound per week is likely to be unhealthy. That includes a diet of just juiced fruits and vegetables.

A juice fast of 1-2 days may be good for cleaning out your system and may help you jump-start a juicing diet for weight loss, but for the longer term, you must have adequate protein and fats, as well as the carbohydrates the juices do not provide. And do not juice all the veggies you eat. You need plenty of fiber to keep your intestines working.

Drinking 1-2 glasses of juice daily can give you with a great deal of sugar along with the many basic nutrients. Juices, especially those with a lot of fruit or carrots, can be very sweet. If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, be careful with these ingredients. Sticking more to the vegetables is not bad advice for any weight loss plan. Except for carrots and sweet potatoes, vegetables are generally low in calories. Use the sweet ones sparingly to jazz up the vegetables. Here’s another recipe:

Red Wonder Juice

3 carrots

1 apple, cored

1 cucumber

1 beet

1 stalk of celery

Juice. If you think this juice needs a bit of a zing, add fresh ginger to taste!

Experiment with including more vegetables and less of the sweet stuff to further reduce the calories and the effects on your blood sugar.

You will win a gold medal when you apply your own program of juicing for weight loss. No matter how you do it, you will have the juicing benefits of convenience, nutrition, freshness, and variety as well as weight loss. Please mount the award stand now!


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