Dog House Sizing And Grooming

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The privately owned dog will generally sleep indoors. He can be trained to sleep on a folded blanket, dog mattress, or in a dog bed. The sleeping quarters should be draft free and so situated that the dog is not underfoot. Unfinished basements or garages are usually unsatisfactory they are either too damp, too cold, or too hot. The garage may also present a problem because of automobile exhaust fumes.

A long or heavy coated dog may be allowed to sleep outdoors. He must be gradually acclimated to doing so, however, and it is best to start this in the summer or early fall. He should have a well constructed doghouse no more than 3 inches (7.5 cm) higher than his head. The floor should be double and raised at least 8 inches (20 cm) off the ground. The entrance should be situated to one side and barely large enough to admit the dog. In cold climates an inner partition near the entrance will serve to block cold drafts, and in severe weather a heavy blanket or rug can be tacked over the entry to keep snow and rain from entering. The interior can be filled to a depth of 8 to 10 inches (20-25 cm) with hay. Sawdust and cedar shavings are overrated as bedding and insulation, and they sometimes produce eye irritations from the abundant dust.


All dogs at one time or another require a bath; however, with regular and proper brushing the bathing (except for medicinal reasons) may be kept to a minimum.

Dogs with profuse bangs and beards need special attention. Though some breed standards call for such hair styling, and despite the old wives’ tale that removal of hair around the eyes of these breeds will lead to blindness, the trimming of both bangs and beards is medically advisable. Many of these dogs become victims of eye infections because the owners do not see the eyes often enough to notice accumulations of discharges and matted hair. They often bump against furniture because they do not see clearly. The beards frequently become saturated with saliva and food juices, which may result in halitosis and fungus infections around the lips.


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