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Facebook used to be a lot less cluttered.

At least, that was before the invention of the “share” button.

As a result of that one little link now underneath every post, my wall has become nothing more than a confusing mess of useless clichés and talking animal posters.

How are we, as intelligent people, to deal with this injustice? We make fun of them, of course!

Case in point, one particular Facebook poster I saw today said this:

“Some people come into your life as Blessings!! Others come in your life AS LESSONS!”

On the surface, this sounds perfectly acceptable. That is, if you believe the Universe somehow made you pick some of the morons you’ve had relationships with because you needed to learn something. Please understand that, if this is case, you do not have free will.

And hopefully you also realize that most “lessons” people think they learn are always self-serving. If our partner was unfaithful, no one says it was meant to be so they could learn to be forgiving. It would, instead, be to teach you to be less gullible, more careful, or something like that.

The problem with blessings and lessons is you never know which category any particular experience falls into. It’s basically up to your interpretation. It all depends on how you look at it.

The fact that the Universe made you get involved with an abusive spouse (and it DID make you if you believe in this concept) means it was for a good reason.

Really? Getting smacked around by some cowardly moron whose mommy didn’t hug him as a child has meaning? I know people would like to think it does. It makes us feel much better about the terrible things that happen to us.

What is the purpose of learning these lessons anyway? You’re only on this Earth for a short period of time. Is this going to help you in the afterlife?

That’s just it! You don’t know which is why this particular saying is so stoopid.

These little maxims only really serve one purpose. They help us gloss over the bad things that happen to us by letting us pretend there is some higher purpose we don’t understand.

That’s all very poetic, but unfortunately can’t be proven.

I think we need to stop boiling our lives down into little Facebook posters. Doing so just makes you a target for being made fun of.


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