Long Term Space Travels

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The other day, I was talking with an acquaintance, and he told me “I sometimes think I was born before my time,” and I suppose anyone who is intelligent perhaps has had that thought at one time or another, I tend to have it about once a month or so, just briefly and then it passes, how about you? Okay so, let’s talk then.

You see, here is what I told my acquaintance; well, I certainly don’t think I would have wanted to be born any sooner. This is a good starting point as any – let’s see where we can take it, increasing life-expectancy makes sense for the ultimate problem to solve in the present period – remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

My acquaintance stated that as he looked around the world, and mind you the global media can really spew out the sound and fury and ratchet up the chaos and controversy to a high volume, he said “I wonder why we all deal with it, why don’t we try to make it better, why are we stuck with leaders who are self serving and literally only care for the few.”

Well, if you have considered these same issues, think of it this way; they are humans in their natural, albeit altered habitat, what can you expect? Perhaps, for me at least, this is why I like capitalism, as it takes into consideration the innate characteristics of humans, and their motivations work in productivity for the whole, even if their thought process is linear, they still provide.

Similar to the “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” who cares their motivation, how does their endeavors enrich both the whole and the “individual” because the chain is strongest when each individual is working towards fulfilling theirs. You see, the reality is that all humans seem to be selfish, and self-serving, it’s almost as if it is the basis for human nature itself. And, really even the animals we observe in the wild are very similar.

This is why I suggest that humans are in their natural environment, “in the wild” also, and this is what they do, why should we expect anything different. Indeed, perhaps, this reality is why we need societies, and civilizations which honor the freedom and liberty of the individual, because if we try to take it away through governance, force, or fear of punishment, they will all just get together and come take it back. I’d say beware of the Borg even more than the self-serving folks who always seem to do what’s in their best interests.

Okay so, where did our conversation end up, well it was a long one, but we philosophized about a future time, a long-term space flight, colony, and how humans would need to work together to keep it going. Would the space colony be run in a communal fashion? It might have to be at first. But that’s communism yuk? Yes, right, but this is also how small villages seem to operate, and with a small population, it might be one way to do it.

Now then, what about Gene Roddenberry and the Borg concept, is this how he got to that place in his science fiction work? A small long-term space flight or colony that just kept growing like a beehive, or like bacteria, all of one-mind, or not any, just doing its thing, preserving itself in walks 1984 and progressed from there? Anyway, this is all just philosophy, so I hope you will please consider it.


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