Insuring Yourself For a Move

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One of the most important steps when you are preparing for a move is to make sure that you are adequately insured. Many people forget to address this and end up sorry afterwards. When you hire a professional mover, they should always have insurance, not only to protect your items that they are moving, but also the physical property that they are moving things out of and the property that things are being moved into. They should also provide you with proof indicating that their employees are bonded, which means that should you have a theft or claim against one of their employees, you can be certain that you are covered and will be reimbursed for any loss. When using professionals, you may also want to take out additional insurance for particularly valuable items that they are moving or expensive features of the properties involved.

When using a rental truck, a storage unit or portable storage unit, insurance is still a good idea. Rental truck companies generally offer an insurance policy in case you get into an accident or there is damage to the vehicle. Likewise, when you rent monthly space in a storage unit, the storage facility offers insurance against theft and other damage, and portable storage unit companies offer similar insurance policies. It is important that you protect yourself against damage to your property that could occur if it breaks either during the move, and even to property that you are storing in a portable unit on your property. The insurance policy also protects you from having to pay to replace the unit itself if it gets damaged.

Although it is very important to have this type of insurance, there is no need to automatically sign up for it when it is offered to you by a rental truck company or storage company. Many private insurance companies automatically provide you with insurance when you are renting, and there is no reason to pay twice for the same coverage. If you are renting a moving van or truck, check to see if your auto policy covers a short-term truck rental. Similarly, moving insurance is often included within homeowners’ policies and renters’ insurance policies. It is a good idea to contact your insurance company, not only to make sure that you are adequately covered against all possibilities, but to make sure that you are not doubling up on protection unnecessarily.


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