Over Coming Stress in Workplace

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A few simple, on –the-spot to overcome acute stress in workplace are:-

*Leave the spot for a while

*Change the topic of discussion

*Crack a joke or have a language session

*Take a tiger yawn –a real wide mouth –stretching yawn which thoroughly relaxes all the muscles of the face and neck.

*Change your posture-just get out of that straight chair and stand up or pace a few steps, or just change the posture of sitting.

*Take a small stroll or a walk, if the place permits, get out of the building, if necessary, and take a walk in the neighborhood.

*Drink a cool glass of water

The purpose here is to just drop stress abruptly and do something different which takes the mind off the point and diverts elsewhere. After a while, the diverted mind is a refreshed mind and can look at things with a new perspective. 

Tips for `After-the-event’ management

Sometimes the stress may be so severe that it may persist in spite of all the on-the-spot techniques. A few more things will have to be done to deal with this `residual stress’. In such a case:-

*Have a relaxed and refreshing bath

*Being alone with oneself for a while is the best thing for a stressed mind.

*Being silent and contemplative is another get trick

*Stopping all other activities gives the mind the necessary energy to contemplate and also to relax.  

*Avoid mulling over the incident –just let go of it.

Listen to some soothing music. Music is one of the most smoothening and relaxing things that nature has bestowed upon us. Simple, instrumental, devotional or classical music makes more impact than the modern noisy music.

*Take a relaxed walk. Exercise has proved to be a stress reliever

*Reading something you like; it serves the same purpose as listening to music,

*Sleeping is another of nature’s wonder methods to relax a tired mind.

*Avoid things like alcohol or drugs as stress busters because they can become addictive.

Chronic work zone stress

What can be done about such stress and the resulting burn out?

The only method of dealing with chronic work zone stress is to change one’s attitude and outlook to work and life. As we saw earlier, most of the stress is self –induced and self-perpetuated. Some of our attitudes and the way we see things can induce and prolong the stress. What are the changes in attitude that can help?  


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