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How to study smarter, not harder

`You have to study a great deal to know a little’

Where you should study: discover the place you are most comfortable in and that is the most effective. Here are the possibilities.

At the library: there are numerous choices, from large quite reading room to your own study cubicle.

At a friend’sneighbor’s or a relative’s house: this may not be an option at all, for most of you.

In an empty classroom: this is only possible when you have prior permission of the teacher of the teacher.

How to stay focused ion your studies: if you find yourself doodling and dawdling more than diagramming and deciphering, consider these solution.

Turn up the lights: experiment with the placement and intensity of lighting in terms of comfort and as a means of staying awake and focused.

Set some riles: let family, relatives and especially friends know how important your studies are and that you would not like to be disturbed during the hours that you have set aside for your studies.

Take the breaks you need: take breaks whenever you need to.

Take a nap: when you are too tired take a short nap to refresh yourself.

Have a drink: a little caffeine won’t harm you; a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of soda would be a good break.

Turn down the heat: too warm a room will leave you dreaming of sugar plums. Try to walk around a little to get the blood flowing.

Change your study schedule: study when you are normally more awake or more efficient.

Inverted pyramid theory:

a)      Gather all the material like books, workbooks, handouts, notes and previous test papers

b)      Compare the contents with the material, you will be tested on and test yourself

c)      Select the material that has to e reviewed

d)     By the time, the test is given you should reduce the pyramid to nothing

Punishment necessary for training

Caning should not be the only punishment-though it is good in some cases

Punishments should fit the offence: examples

The object of punishment is improvement

But whatever punishment is given, its aim must not be simply to make a boy suffer, but to make him a better student.  


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