Supermarket Christains

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Supermarket christains are  on a window shopping ,of course they  will end up not purchasing anything ,they are many but  all of them have the same modus operandi .  They could be males or females ;the first thing a supermarket christian notices in the church are the shelves lined up with goods ,in this case the congregants in the rows of seat ,he or she examines   the kind of clothes they are wearing  ,the kind of shoes they are putting on, who is the most fashionable in the shelves;the rows of seats in the churches

After recording  all this ,they will examine the pastors ,how sauve are they ,are they modern or ancient,what kind of shoes are they putting on  ,is it cheap or expensive ,if it is cheap ,there is no anointing, they will conclude .  If it happens  to be expensive ,the pastor  may not be trusted with funds .They have visted so many churches that if they are giving ten dollar for every church they have attended , by now the will be millionaires . Every sunday they are recieved as new comers  in a new church and welcomed with a gift  .Not escaping the xray of supermarket christains are  the wives of pastors ,there manerisms  and  mode of dressing will be diognised  ,this is to get enough ammunition to conclude that this is not the church for them.Most times if the preacher speaks with an accent  this may make them pack there shopping bag and head somewhere else next sunday.

Every liitle details in the church are copied and recorded for  gossip purposes ,to entetain  there  friends at home,they are like the rolling  stone that gathers no moss .Supermarket christains are everywhere and are heavy fault finders ,if there is no fault to complain about ,they can pick on the ulshers “,i think  this  ulshers are rude “, i dont blame them ,i am the one who visited   there church ,this is the statement of a typical supermarket christain . My former church was better ,atleast they are not this brash,they will conclude

One major attribute of a supermarket christain is that they dont miss to come to church with there shopping bag ,inside the shopping bag the contents are too numerous but  for space sake i will mention just but a few , some of  them includes chewing gums  ,camera phone  for life  evidence ,small bible usually new testament only, well hiden away not to be brought out or opened for any reason ,makeup kit for women ,and  walkman for  men, sometimes dark sunglases,to hide any roaming eyes .

Preaching about salvation is to lull  them to sleep ,to keep them awake and lively ,the preaching must be about prosperity .Dont tell them that  God loves a cheerful giver because it will make them frown more ;they dont believe anything  about give and it shall be giving onto you .They wont give but they are ready to discourage people who does by every means at there disposal. Come sunday ,they are not ready to  stay at home  ,it is boring , they will want to go to church to stock up on fresh gossip for the week .When the gossips are reaching there expiry date ,it is time to move  on  to  another church .They forget that there is no perfect system and thereby delays there visitation time. For  any body to recieve anything from God ,they must be seated permenetly ; an unstable person cannot recieve favors from God .


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