Online Dating Will Spoil Your Career

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We must be very careful while dealing with online dating sites and avoid unwanted dating with unknown strangers, otherwise we may face some unwanted issues and problems in our life. One of my client is working as a General Manager in a reputed IT Firm, she is very much interested in online sites and social sites and spend a lot of time with her online activities and with her social site friends. Recently she joined with one of the dating site with her friend’s request. 

After joining with that dating site, here life style changed a lot. She is very much interested in flirting and spending a lot of time with that dating site, she lost her concentration with her job and spend time by making new friends with that site. She made a thick online friend in this site and shared some of her personal photos to him without knowing him fully, i.e without a proper understanding about his character. 

One day her online friend is interested to have a date with her and sent a message to her. In fact she is having an important meeting on that day, and replied him that she don’t have the ability to come on the day. But her friend forced her to come to date with him otherwise he will share her photo in all the sites. She don’t know what to do and missed her meeting and gone for that date. Due to this activity she lost her job, as well as she had a misunderstanding with her friend on that day and he uploaded her photo in all the sites. Now she lost her career as well as her good reputation due to her unknown friend’s activity. Really her stage is a great misery. All her friends keep distance from her as well as her parents don’t support her for this activity. Now she lost almost all things in her life. 

I shared this incident to alert all the girls who are involving in dating sites. We must be very careful while dealing with unknown persons. Don’t make a blind relationship with your online friends without understanding. Online world is a virtual media and we must be very careful in this area to avoid scams and spams, otherwise we will face unwanted issues in our life like this.


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