Maximize Distribution Results Of A Self Published Book

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Though you may know the ropes of book distribution, how can you maximize on this knowledge quickly? So far, distribution has been extremely time consuming for you, so if this sounds like you, there are ways to cut time in half when it comes to distributing and selling your self published book.

Begin with IndieBound. IndieBound is a source of information that you simply can’t disregard. For the hours and hours that it may take you as an author to flip through the telephone book, IndieBound has a unique site set up with independent bookstores, store front pictures, maps and location as well as email and telephone numbers of those bookstores who will want to carry your self published books. From the rural areas to the bigger cites, IndieBound has what you are looking for.

Next, in order to maximize on your book distribution, find every city and state with a large reading population. Illinois is one of them right in Chicago. It is normal to want your books everywhere and anywhere, but the purpose is to maximize on the results of your distribution.

Finally, begin a fairly inexpensive or free but very informative publication. By doing this, you can track for yourself what zip codes generally sign up for your information, thus, are more likely to purchase your books. Get your books there as you communicate with these people through your publication. This way, you can always ask them to tell a friend to make your book purchase. Constant Contact is a great way to connect with tons of people through an online publication. Blogging on a specific subject is also an excellent way to maximize the results on your book distribution.


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