Beware of Habits Are No Effective For You

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Many of the habits, patterns, and the uniqueness that is not visible, making the famous author Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “We all need an education in the obvious”. So, let us examine more deeply, the habits that hold you back. You may instantly recognize some of them. Here are the habits of the most commonly expressed:
1. Did not return phone calls on time.
2. Late for meetings or appointments met.
3. Poor communication between colleagues and staff.
4. Lack of clarity about expected outcomes, monthly targets, goals, etc.
5. Less attention to time travel a distance for an appointment to meet outside.
6. Less rapid and less efficient working of administrative affairs.
7. More than once, handle letters.
8. Accounts in arrears, so it must pay a fine.
9. Not consistently follow up on overdue receivables.
10. Talking instead of listening.
11. Forgetting someone’s name within sixty seconds (or less) after being introduced.
12. Turning off the alarm several times before actually getting out of bed in the morning.
13. Days to work overtime without exercise or regular breaks.
14. Less spending time with the kids.
15. Eating fast food meal from Monday to Friday.
16. Irregular eating.
17. Depart without embracing wives, husbands, children and / or dog.
18. Bringing work home.
19. Too much talking on the phone.
20. Book a place at the last second (restorab, travel plans, theater, concerts).
21. Not following up the request on time as promised.
22. Less take the time to have fun and family without feeling guilty.
23. Continues to carry a cell phone.
24. Answering the phone when you’re eating with the family.
25. Controlling every decision, especially trivial things.
26. Procrastinate in everything from taxes to submit reports to clean the garage.

Now introspection yourself by mentioning all the habits that make you keep unproductive. Spend one hour so you can really think about it. And plan so that you will not be disturbed. This is a useful exercise and will give you a solid foundation to improve your results in the coming years. Indeed, these bad habits, or obstacles to your goals are, actually became the springboard to success in your future.

Until you understand clearly, what is holding you back, it is difficultto create habits that are more productive. Another way to identifyyour unproductive behavior is asking for feedback. Speak tosomeone you respect and admire, who knows you well. Ask them,what they observe about your bad habits. Look for consistency.




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