The Demand For Chinese Translations Is Soaring

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China is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and attracts the attention of international businesses from all over the world. However, it is not easy to enter into the Chinese market where language is a big barrier. That is why Chinese translations are a critical aspects of conducting business in the vast Chinese market.

With over 850 million speakers, Chinese is the world’s largest spoken language. It is not surprising that the demand for accurate Chinese translations is soaring. Written Chinese can be classified into two categories – Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. While Simplified Chinese is used in mainland China–Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai; Traditional Chinese is used by people residing in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and many Chinese people in the USA.

Before approaching any translation company, you have to figure out what type of Chinese translations you will need as there are plenty of differences between the Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. You have to figure out the type of audience you want to target and then choose the Chinese translations suitable for your customers.

At times, companies ask for translations of Mandarin Chinese which is incorrect as Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese refer to the spoken forms of Chinese whereas Simplified or Traditional Chinese are what is used in written translations.

There are plenty of differences between Simplified and Traditional Chinese regarding the characters, fonts, manners of expression and terminologies. Only the experts can tell the difference between the two. Therefore, if you want to get Traditional Chinese translations, you need to select a translation service that works with experts in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. So approach a reliable translation agency, which could be a translation Winnipeg service provider or one of the translation agencies in Ottawa, which has professional translators who are trained and proficient in these two different forms of Chinese translations.

In addition, the Chinese language is a lot different from English or any other languages. Chinese is written in characters, which consists of one or dozens of strokes, and a sentence is comprised of several characters. Generally, the Chinese version always takes less space than the English source text. For instance, if your English text is of one page, its Chinese version might just take two-thirds of the page. Similarly one paragraph of English can become just two or three lines in Chinese. However, there are certain English words which are written in two or three characters in Chinese such as the Chinese word for happy is ‘gao–xing’, handbag becomes ‘tí bāo’ and so on. Hence the word count of a Chinese translation is always higher than the English original text.

Besides, there is a vast difference in the grammar of both the Chinese and the English languages. The order of the words can be altogether changed in the Chinese translation. Relying on some software tool is not advisable at all. You need the services of well-trained translators who use their knowledge and experience to deliver Chinese translations that accurately convey the meaning of the original text.

Research your options for translation companies and remember to choose a translation company that delivers the highest quality results. By yourself you may not be able to judge whether the Chinese translations done are accurate or not. Therefore make it a point to approach a highly reputed and reliable agency, be it one of the translation agencies in Ottawa or a translation Winnipeg service provider, which guarantees the highest level of accuracy in Chinese translations.


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