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Lifetime, has never Upasara treated like this despicable. At the palace, all indulge. What was expected to be implemented. Nothing like this stubborn.

“Sorry, Kisanak (gentleman) …,” Wilanda remain friendly voice. “We’ve introduced ourselves. Can we know the great names Kisanak?”
“I … I named Jaghana, Kisanak.”

Upasara could not restrain himself. This is obviously playing an outragenous manner. How could a good question, with respect, answered casually? How could a man named Jaghana which means butt? Ignoring the glance of the eye to hold, directly Upasara crashing.The distance is still about two spears, will remain with just one step on the ground, his body was just flying forward in front of a bare Jaghana, and immediately attacked.

Two hands, left and right, forward in unison like a pincer body Jaghana. This is the basic movement of bull attack. Science is reliable so far. His hands serves as a replacement horn. If not ready to be stapled Jaghana, could crack his head, before hespun and floated upward.

The primary key of a lightning strike is a lock on the strength of the opponent’s movement, and in addition it also did not give the opponent a chance to blow it. Because Upasara which means a very strong bull horses.

Just like a tiger attacked a third bull. This science may be said Ngabehi Pandu own creation, which is adapted to the properties of hot-blooded Upasara still powerful as a bull. Has always proven that the opening moves are always making trouble his opponent. Upasara had calculated.

If forced to dodge, Jaghana had to retreat, at least two acts. Jaghana it will also put in a difficult position, because the two hands Upasara will follow immediately. And this time the target is the navel. A pair of horns like that found an easy target. This is a series of punches. Only a few good members are able to escape from a series of blows this chain, it also will make its position later.

In some exercises, just  Wilanda which successively able to escape. Mainly because the science of the body relieve one class on it. That, too, have to sacrifice the position of the horses to remain in the defensive.

Ngabehi Pandu create seemingly simple step that is not just wake up from sleep. Although seemingly simple, the change is quite complicated. Simple movements such as rigid. Straight hit with two hands at once.

But in fact this is also the core for testing the strength of the opponent. As is known, to face this moment only two options available. Dodge backwards or directly attacking. This means workers compete directly. At that instant, the attacker was able to estimate the strength of the opponent.

Because when clashing, two hands rotating punched him down. How to set up an opposing force is called an effective attack. Measure the strength of the opponent crashing at the same time.

By knowing the exact strength of the opponent, the attacker could maneuver. Ngabehi Pandu was mainly to create a series of moves once to hit an opponent who has not known how much strength. But seen from the horses, this stance is not merely to try to try, but was once run over.
A wild bull had overturned and slammed rough on the ground when Upasara practice. 

Do Jaghana will slam like a buffalo? That’s what will happen because Jaghana not directly and not pounding away. As if let alone. Jaghana such as allowing themselves to be attacked! Upasara necessarily reduce the power of strength. He wanted simply to teach the opponent and not want to destroy.

Will remain precisely in such times, in the same split second,Upasara feel his legs shaking. Such as tingling. Strange. Though Jaghana only slightly shift the position of his feet. It’s about the power within. The only glimpse Jaghana can already read the motion and core attacks. Precisely with a single beat, Jaghana retaliated in the most powerful position. In the direction of the horses. Upasara think fast.

Canceling the main attack, and shift the left foot back to reduce pressure from opponents. Simultaneously with his left hand was pulled backwards to deny the opponent. Without shifting the body, Upasara now following the attack.

Him body jumped slightly, by dropping itself, Upasara want to knock back the opponent from behind. His body curved like a plastic that can turn into much longer. Opponent will think he is still holding his place, but as fast as lightning he attacked the rear.

This is one of greatness stance Ngabehi Pandu. Two types of attacks that have different properties, can be done in a row. Although the actual movement was initially relying on violence, but at the same time could be turned into flexible. To practice the kind of motion is actually not a long-needed exercise. Its main strength lies precisely in the set and deliver power as needed.



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