Samsung Galaxy Nexus Deals: Ics Adding a New Touch to Your Life

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One more time, it is the Nexus instant of the year. This year, Google has dumped the Gingerbread cookies into the dustbin, & had joined hands with Samsung, Google has fetched to us the Galaxy Nexus to transport the Ice Cream Sandwich among users dying to get only a glimpse of the new operating system from Google. And whilst a cold dessert is absolutely out of place in the 2012, the most recent launch of Google Android user interface is more appropriate than ever. We personally hate the idea of switching for a new handset, however this time even we are supporting the proposition of purchasing a new handset.

The Galaxy Nexus sports an extraordinary specifications sheet, however it is (one more time) the operating system which is the gizmo’s major highlight. The Google Android v4.0 operating system Ice Cream Sandwich is broadly anticipated to put a stop to the breakup, which at present affects the search giant’s mobile platform.

Quite opposite to its Nexus S ancestor, which was basically a re-branded Samsung Galaxy S, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a totally dissimilar gadget from the existing flagship of the South Korean mobile manufacturer, the I9100 Galaxy S II. If you also like some originality then this awesome device is ideal for you.  Getting a new design is good for both Google and Samsung, as rebranded handsets can discourage many users to purchase the devices.  We also like a new design, and that’s why we are so inclined towards this handset. We hope that you will also get inclined towards this phone.

Wi-Fi reception is a tad on the feeble side – we did not run into any troubles but the weakness does affect download speed if the network reception is somewhat weak. The web browser in this great gadget possesses a new and exciting trick as well, and this trick is received from its desktop brother, the Chrome. When looking for a thing, if the browser is certain users will click on a definite search result (& with the search giant’s algorithms there’s an excellent prospect users will), it will begin pre-loading that webpage right away, which means that the webpage gets opened up swifter if users do hit it off.  One additional trick the Android web-browser got from Chrome web browser is the 1Incognito mode – it has no universal setting, however users can unlock Incognito tabs.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus deals are certain to excite your senses.  

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus deals and Samsung Galaxy Nexus white deals are configured just to make you feel frenzy this year. We are already feeling frenzied, and hope that you also get trapped in this rain  of frenzies.


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