Skimp on Overused Words And Pimp Your CV

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There is no better boss than oneself, they say. But unless you are loaded with enough capital to start your own business and be your own boss, you may have to step down your pedestal for a bit and do what the rest of us humans do: get in line. Of course, in order to make sure you get moving alone with the queue, you have a piece – or pieces – of paper to get you noticed and help you get a foot in the door. It’s called a resume, and you should not underestimate its power to get you… somewhere.

Here are a few things that might help you make that resume truly work for you.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Try reading a number of resumes and separate those that stood out for you in one pile and those that didn’t on a second. Then go over why the second pile didn’t work. Chances are it’s because they were using pretty much the same words that they’ve become sort of… generic. They’re not even simple words; but they have simply become overused that seeing them drives you to have too many ho-hum moments. Here are the 10 words you should strike out from your resume to avoid being lumped in that generic pile.

  1. Creative

  2. Dynamic

  3. Innovative

  4. Motivated

  5. Effective

  6. Organizational

  7. Problem solving

  8. Extensive experience

  9. Communication skills

  10. Track record

Watch What – and How – You Write

Check your Spelling. Spelling is a basic skill for anybody who wants to enter the work force. Do not even use typos as an excuse, they’re not. Misspelled words are a sure sign of carelessness, either in how you draw up your resume or in the process of typing it out. Display your proficiency in the language and its actual use of putting words into paper.

Use Appropriate Jargon at the Appropriate Times. Some run the risk of overwhelming and turning off potential employers instead of impressing them with how much you know about the job you are gunning for. This will indicate your breadth of knowledge and your competence about the job. If you aren’t familiar with it but still pump your resume full with whatever technical jargon you deemed applicable, you just might come across as someone completely uninformed and unaware with what you’re getting into.

List your Accomplishments in Sentences. Bullet points are expedient, yes. But if you are in the position of convincing someone that you are qualified for a position, ‘expedient’ would not cut it.  List down your accomplishments or the projects you’ve been involved in and accompany them with a couple of sentences to expound on them. Use complete sentences.

Make a Good Impression

Keep your resume simple, sharp, and stylish. Depending on the nature of the job you are seeking, format and design it appropriately. Don’t go over the top, don’t be too understated either. This way, they will take you seriously.


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