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Rooster crowing in the morning was inaudible. Crickets also no time to play the music end. Even the dew droplets not fully thickened, when three horses came with haste. The serene village atmosphere, a quiet lush forests changed simultaneously with the noise. Tread horse galloped faster and tightly integrates with horses norts of breath fatigue. The third horseman is, if considered carefully, already drenched in sweat.

Tearing of a peaceful nature morning, as if marking the occurrence of an event. Different from the previous event, at leastthe last decades. The walkways in the village without the name was never disturbed anything. Even the very rare human footsteps. Animals were only occasionally, at night. Yet once, this time, solved by an entourage of three horses that rush.

Until the end of the road, they could not longer parallel. Forced sequential because the road was blocked branches, twigs, and fallen trees. Under the evaporating from the soil smell. The wind is very clean. Crossing the creek where the water is shallow, the three horsemen spurring again later. If only along the road there is a house, must have astonished its occupants. A new and strange sights; three horses crossed the mighty hurry. The smell of their bodies as alien to the atmosphere around a fully-smelling leaves and herbs.

“Is this the way?” asked one of the horsemen who seem to be young. However from his tone that he was obviously a leader. At least the most respected. Not because his face is clean that distinguish it from two other riders, nor because of his thick eyebrows with eyes to rule, but particularly from deference to talk to.

“True, Raden Mas. Nothing had changed since fifteen years ago servants through here.” The answer is a stocky man, handsome with a thick mustache.

His manner was very highly respected. And glimpse just found out that this answer out of people who have knowledge. At least from the way he rode a horse that seemed to add weight did not mount. Compared to the shape of him body, her movements are very lightly. Even when it jumped down to examine the grass and then jumped back on the horse, with one unbroken movement, asserts something to hide with a condescending attitude.

In contrast, the three riders who faced very pale so pale that if he had stopped at the river and bathing water, will not be seen again. Blend with the color of water. Its presence is marked only with a baggy look. Cloth worn loosely here and there. It seems that the wearer does not care at all. Also not on the atmosphere around. Gaze straight toward the bushes. As if he had calculated the two acts to be passed. Or do not take into account such a thing. Only those who long been in the martial arts world couldsee something extraordinary from this third rider. From the way him breath it seems that the tremendous energy savings.

Compared to the other two riders, the pale face was visible remains fresh. Horse Riding through the night without stopping did not affect the attraction and him breath. Not even make the skin changes color.
“Then we’re here,” said the horseman who was called Raden Mas.

“But there’s no nothing. Hmmm, surprisingly well. Nirada Manggala big name for it is only a cheap newspaper.’s Useless ifthe name Cloud Education at its headquarters was nothing.There is also a piece of stone to sit, a leaf to shade, and a cup oftea to welcome guests.

“Sorry, Raden Mas,” the voice of the horseman both seem to be very careful. From his tone felt anxiety but also a reprimand.Worries of the atmosphere that could suddenly change.

As someone who once knew near Nirada Manggala, he knows exactly how this is not a college education can be arbitrarily being told. Name of magnitude is not an empty name. If the name just a name, they would not come here. Tone of gentle rebuke, as though, holding an important position, he can not just prohibit or affect the lord who was called Raden Mas.

“… indeed this is their life.”
“They should know we were here. Not so, Pamanda Pandu?”
The pale face of those questioned did not react.
“It was too much. I can order that the forest is burned down!”
Suddenly, before his speech finished, he felt a pat on the shoulder. And before we can understand what is happening,horse riding staggering.

Deftly, he jumped down, and immediately attach the horses. Everything occurrence in an instant. Pale-faced horseman called Pamanda Pandu had fallen beside his horse. While the whisker shave also jumped lightly. Once the legs are on the grass, him back bent with respect.

“We are messengers and the royal palace to meet with arespectable Eyang Sepuh. My name Wilanda, former students Nirada too. I came along Raden Mas Upasara Wulung, with Ngabehi Pandu. We come deliver to worship and devotion to Eyang Sepuh brought news of the palace.”


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