How To Make Money By Becoming An Insurance Agent

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And no one knows this more than insurance agents. We’ve all been canvassed by insurance agents at some point before, and to be honest, I don’t blame them. While the art of closing deals and signing up customers is important, what is more important is finding these people who have a possibility of becoming customers.

As an insurance agent, there is a way for you to find more customers and secure more insurance sales, and it is by taking your business online. All you really need is a domain (which could be your name, if you want to build up your reputation in the industry) and a blog in order to discover the great power of the Internet in helping your business profitability.

1. Find More Prospective Customers
By starting to canvass the Internet for customers, you’ll open up your marketplace to everyone in your country who has an Internet connection! Gone are the days where you are restricted to searching through name cards, asking friends and family for referrals or cold-calling prospects. Customers can now seek YOU out at your blog!

Getting a domain and blog is an incredibly straightforward task that will take you less than a week to set up and cost you less than what you spent on dinner yesterday! And once you have done that, you need to do is set up your About page, which talks about you, your experience and what services you provide, and your contact page, which allows your visitors to contact you should they require more information. After that, it’s all about your blogging!

Blog about your insurance plans – which ones are suited for older customers or younger customers, what benefits they provide, draw comparisons with other insurance plans available. When it comes to what to blog about – the list is endless! Simply blog about everything you know about insurance, and every time a visitor comes to your website and is interested in what you have to offer, they can contact you to arrange a meeting!

2. Use Your Blog To Build Up A Relationship With Your ‘Soon-To-Be’ Customers.
Part of selling insurance is building up a trusting relationship with your prospective customers. One way of doing this, as you are probably aware (if you sell insurance!), is by providing them with reliable and useful information.

The great part about having a website is you can do this through your blog posts! Every post you write that provides information and advice on insurance is a great way to build a rapport with your reader – and over time, they will begin to trust you and your judgment, which may result in them wanting to procure your services.

And the BEST part is that you only have to blog once for all your readers. This is, of course, as opposed to calling to follow-up with potential clients one at a time!

3. Make Money Providing Referrals
The Internet, as I mentioned, spans the entire world, and thus, some of your visitors may not be at the right location to meet you and arrange to buy insurance from you. This doesn’t mean that you still can’t make money!

By making insurance agents contacts from all over the country, you can refer customers you are unable to service to other insurance salesmen. And in return – they can pay you a commission for every successful customer you refer.

As you can see, there are many great benefits that you can enjoy once you get your insurance sales services onto the Internet. This is not even including all the ‘spillover’ gains such as a greater prominence amongst online insurance buyers, more job opportunities from other insurance companies who approve of your marketing and so on.

Before making any decision, it is often advisable to look at whether the costs outweigh the benefits. In this case, with a low startup cost, minimal time investment and huge potential profits, there really is no debate. And the quicker you get started, the better!


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