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The word cyber means which is used in the term of electronic; today cyber is very common word
Which is related to and the use of electronic media ,Now a day’s everything mostly related to electronic Thus the cyber is commonly we use in related part like: cybercafé , cybercrime , cyber law, cyber space.  
In we talk about technologies then the everyone know about cyber café or internet cafe .Cyber café means its related to computer where internet service are provided for a public to a charge for a given time. This is the business where public are use computer for a  fee paid to time period and also these business also provide drinks and snacks to a customer’s .In the cyber café  people are use computer for different-different purpose for Gaming , Cheating , Listening songs ,Watching movies ,Mailing and other type of work which is related to computer or internet.
Today’s cyber café business is the most popular business in every city because in for business purpose
Or other related work every one has own mail account, Mostly people are not able to purchase computer, those people are goes there and use the computer and many people for downloads and for
Searching data they also go there. Cyber café is famous worldwide and mainly people are use when travelling traveler are know about place and other famous city. With the help of Cybercafé they book the hotel, ticket and more information about place also use the print and scanning the document and webcam services ,In which cybercafé where provided these services. When you travel to one city to another city or any place you don’t have to have a computer with you, then the cyber café is the best option for checking a mail and sharing video and photos, you are use this service a very minimum cost.
In the cyber café there are various types of charges for people use the different services. Generally you may find in the cyber café including some foods, long distance telephone service, fax, many people use the wifi for internet access in the cybercafé and other internet services.
Every one use the computer and the Internet then the government make a rule for cyber it is a cyber law ,It is a technology world today’s highly every one use the internet and most people use the cyber café for crime , it is affected the cyber law or cyber crime. Every bank use the online transaction and debit card and credit card services .Generally cyber crime cases such as online banking frauds, online share trading fraud, source code theft, credit card fraud, tax evasion, virus attacks, email hijacking, it is mostly part of the cyber crime and it also under the cyber law where the cases are solved for these crimes . Cyberspace means to the network environment created by joined computers internet on a network. It is the space of computer network, In cyberspace, computer operators interact in ways to the real world, Information can be exchanged, and people can shop, share, explore, research, work or play.
Cyber space is the Web is the most popular destination, consisting of millions of websites where a visitor can find anything. People can also create personal, pictures, movies, music or interactive forums. Web forums allow people to have conversations in a bulletin-board-style interface. Interested parties respond to one another by posting comments to topics. The forums are public and are a very popular way to socialize in cyberspace.


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