Senopati Pamungkas: Episode 1 – The Figures 3

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Tapasi, daughter of Lord King, to be his wife by the King of Champa. Its main weapon is kantar, or short spear. Science is rooted in the Book of the Earth, but how to regulate his breathing is called Nawawidha, or Mengatur Tenaga Dalam Lipat Sembilan (Set the Power Within Nine Fold). All moves are known as Nawagraha, or Siasat Sembilan Bintang (a ploy Nine Star), all of which are cored to a nine.

Pastor Syangka or Pastor Sidateka, derived from the soil Syangka or Sri Lanka. Crown is a pastor’s favorite Good Kala Gemet, so that someday a later date is the crown prince took the title of greatness as the Sri Sundarapandya Adiswara. Designation is to acknowledge the greatness Pandya Pandya Dynasty that reigned in Sri Lanka. Since governance Palace Srivijaya, pastors from trying to exert influence Syangka, but always failed. Once this is mastered Pastor Sidateka Cold Punch, successfully.

Maha Singa Marutma, one of Senopati sent by king Sri Kertanegara to Palace Mon, Saluen River delta in Burma country. Sun palace became seizure of power between the palace and the palace Sukothai Burma, from the Thai nation. Maha Singa Marutma back to Java seeking help to liberate from the advancing Burmese Mon Palace and Sukothai.

Prince Jenang, which are permitted to mention the name of Prince Che Nam, which is driven by the Vietnamese. Since the Palace Campa is controlled territory Singasari, Prince Jenang ask for help to the land of Java. Only when, he came, who ruled no longer king of Sri Kertanegara. By Good Kala Gemet, drawn as one of his supporters.

Kebo Berune, by Upasara was called respectfully Eyang Kebo Berune, while Nyai Demang call to Grandpa Kebo Berune Kebo. One of the magic figure of contemporary life and contemporary with Paman Sepuh, Eyang Sepuh and Mpu Raganata. Even the birth together formulate the Book of the Earth. Kebo Berune only proper name for this character wanders up to the tlatah Berune or Brunei, and did not return to play test who is the most superior science. A meeting once every fifty years. Unfortunately, because of the way power in the wrong train, Kebo Berune always overshadowed by death, and unable to move. One parallel to the science Weruh Sadurunging Winarah (Know before been told) mpu Raganata, parallel to spell Tepukan Satu Tangan (One Hand Clapping) Eyang Sepuh, parallel to Banjir Bandang Segara Asat (the Flash Flood Sea Dried) Paman Sepuh, is blow-Ni Pu created. Pu-Ni just to remind that the science was created in the land ofPu-Ni or Berune or Brunei. It is said that the sciences were created to be an antidote to the science of Dua Belas Jurus Nujum Bintang (the Twelve Stars Kick augury).

Pulangsih, or Princess Pulangsih in Nyai Demang designation. According to the story told by Kebo Berune, Pulangsih girl was contested by Mpu Raganata, Eyang Sepuh, Paman Sepuh, and Kebo Berune. Heroine who is still completely vague chose Eyang Sepuh called Bejujag or the brash, but just when it’s dumped when it’s dumped him elderly Eyang Sepuh. Denial that inspired the birth of the last book of the Earth, called the Book of Repelling the Earth, or victimizing Bantala Parwa. Pulangsih must designation of the four young knights of the day, because the meaning is actually the union of power Pulangsih romance physically.

Jinalaya dwarf, black dwarf. Representing the devotee who still glorify Sri Kertanegara, so consider that when they die, may continue to be a servant of my king. Jinalaya own name that is used to show you where to die.

Senopati Agung Brahma, the old aristocracy that is respected by the palace, but also a lot of power because it prefers solitude. Him sorrow still not entertained by marrying Dyah Dara Jingga, thus he is the brother-king. Including one Senopati sent across by the king of Sri Kertanegara. Only one is causing it to come out of”hiding”, which is mainly due to hear the news coming from the palace envoy Caban in Campa, next to the imbroglio that befell palace.


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