Do You Have a Dynamite Personal Brand? I'll Show You How to Create One

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Creating Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is imperative to create wealth online and offline as well. Ask yourself, what would people think if they came across my facebook page? Would they see that I play Farmville all day? I am obsessed with my pet rock? Would they get a sense of excitment and want to learn more about you and follow you?

People don’t buy products and services, they buy people. Sounds weird, but very true. When someone learns to know, like and trust you, they will become a repeat customer or partner. Your personal brand gives off the message of this is who I am. People connect with a personal brand just as they would a good friend. A strong personal brand builds bridges of “me too” people connect with you and feel like they know you before you get to know them, opening up the relationship.

Top Tips On Creating Your Unique Personal Brand

– Be exactly who you are. If you’re funny be funny, if you are organized and analytical, be just that. Think about people you love and adore. The reason why you love them is because they are genuinley sharing themselves with you!

– Don’t overkill anything. The biggest mistake I see most people making is going extreme in a certain area. Don’t upload 583 pictures of your cat and make it your profile picture. If you love cats…awesome! Post some pictures of it. I try to post a variety of things and different topics. Maybe a favorite rap song or a really cool design of something or my plate of food at an upscale restaurant that looks too good to eat. Get my point?

– Be consistent. If people see you uploaded a few videos, articles, posts ect, and then the next month there is nothing, they will wonder what happened to you. You want people to be expecting more content and value from you.

Why Create a Personal Brand?

Whatever type of business you are in, you want people to fall in love with you and see the value that you can offer them. Even if you sell frogs, people looking to buy a frog, if they like and trust you, will buy from you. Sweet, eh! Creating your own personal brand is not difficult. Just think about it this way, sharing with the world who you are is creating your own personal brand. Think about some of the most well known brands…Dr. Phil, Donald Trump, Oprah, Walt Disney. When you hear those brands, you immediately know exaclt who they are and what they do.

The thing about personal branding is that it is designed to be center around you and who you genuinely are!


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