What Side Do You Sleep On?

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Someone said  that it is not good to sleep on your back if you snore.   Snoring can definitely keep your spouse awake.   

Sometimes we may have never given much thought about the side we sleep on. But don’t we want to get the best sleep possible?   I remember during pregnancy sleeping on my back  was comfortable  and that was not for any length of time, because then my back would ache.   I remember as a child sleeping on my stomach and on my knees.   I would hunch on my knees during my sleep to  keep warm.   That was comfortable for me.   I find that  I like sleeping on my back although it is probably not the best way to sleep  when you have draining sinuses or a cold.   

The Mayo Clinic has suggested if you sleep on your back to place a pillow under your knees.  This helps the normal curve of the lower back and possibly helps with lower back pain.  

According to CNN Health.com  sleeping on the back minimizes wrinkles.  I like that.  So sleeping on your back does have it’s benefits.  Do you automatically sleep in the same sleep posture every night?  Sleeping on your side can have advantages.   A good thing about sleeping on your side is that you can cuddle your partner.

Some people curl up in the bed like a baby.  According to Dr Oz  the 3 curves  on the body that you should pay attention to are  the lower back, the middle of the back, and near the neck.  I can understand that, because if I bend my neck on my pillow a certain way, I usually end up with a crook in my neck. I have had a couple of those during my lifetime.         Crooks are so painful.

There are sleep number beds now that adjust to your body position.   Although I do not have one I have sampled one and  I must admit they are quite nice.   I have a relative that has back pain and he swears by it.  The great thing about the sleep bed is it adjusts to your body separately from your partners body.  So  you can have your own separate settings. You each get individualized comfort.  Thus, everyone is happy.  This is a win/win situation.   

It is so important to get a good night’s sleep.   This is something that we sometimes take for granted until we are not  able to sleep. 

Sleeping positions are more important than you might think.  You want to always assume the healthiest positions to get your best possible sleep.


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