Ear Infections Are Painful And Can Cause a Lot of Distress. True Story of a 21 Year Old Girls Plight.

Acute inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the mastoid cells suppuration disease of the lateral sinus abscess in the cerebellum.

A girl aged 21 was admitted into the hospital three weeks subsequent to an attack of scarlet fever The history was that since the fever she has had a constant and abundant discharge from the left ear. On admission this discharge was observed to be copious she was drowsy and at times almost comatose with a rapid feeble pulse a cold body and limbs and a hot face and head In spite of all the remedies employed the coma gradually grew more intense and she died ten days after her admission.

Autopsy an abscess was found in the left lobe of the cerebellum of the size of a walnut It extended to the surface and thus came in contact with a large quantity of pus bounded by the diseased distended walls of the lateral sinus which latter contained pus blood. There was an opening through the membrana tympani of regular shape and of a size one third the whole dianJteter of the membrane. The upper wall of the tympanum was healthy and not discolored .

The portion of the mastoid cells posterior to the contained some pus and blood mixed together this extended as far as the mastoid process. The portion of the lateral sulcus about an inch long by half an inch broad which forms the boundary of this part of the mastoid cells was of a dark color. The canals in this portion of the bone were also with black matter. It seems to me there can be no doubt that in this case the purulent matter from the mastoid cells was the cause of the disease in lateral sinus for the bloodvessels between the two parts were distended with dark pus and blood

As you can see from the above, the infection in this case was actually found to be due to the inflammation around the left ear lobe. There are actually also other items for consideration, namely vertigo that happens as a result of ear infections. Off course prevention is much better than cure.

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