Salaries For Different Nursing Fields

Several nursing graduates now receive job offers even before they receive their diploma. Normally they are hired as graduate nurses or GN. General nursing students nowadays are in their early or late thirties, and as such, most of them already have their own families and prefer to work in areas that are close to their homes. Although jobs for nurses are available almost anywhere, it will be helpful to have an idea of exactly how many job openings are available in the United States for nurses.

Some employers prefer nurses with a bachelor’s degree, and hospital nurse recruiters normally inform the applicants of such requirement. Some hospitals provide tuition reimbursement for those who would like to pursue a BSN degree, and the amount being reimbursed ranges from fifty to a hundred percent of the tuition fee.

One main benefit of being a hospital nurse is that you can explore different fields of nursing. Accordingly, the salary of hospital nurses increase as they obtain more field experience. The next set of information will give you a general idea of how much the salary is in different nursing fields. However, one should keep in mind that the compensation plan of each hospital varies depending on the qualifications and previous employment background of the candidate.

Major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago have the most need for nurses. These cities also offer higher pay and a more competitive compensation package. It is important to remember though, that working in large cities normally means longer working hours and higher stress levels.

On the other hand, nursing jobs in smaller cities are more laid back in terms of the number of patients and the hours of work.

The average pay for a Staff Nurse – RN in Detroit, MI is $65,817. This figure was calculated based on the Certified Compensation Professionals’ analysis of survey results extracted from the HR Departments of thousands of employers varying in size, location, and industry.

Job Description 
Staff Nurse – RN:

Responsible for the planning, evaluation, application, and documentation of nursing care for a specific group of patients. Provides assistance to the physician during procedures and examinations. Executes different tests and administers medication to patients, in accordance to the work scope of a registered nurse. Help patients be independent by setting up patient care goals and educating the family of the patient’s condition, medication, and self-care skills. Knowledgeable with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a specific field. Is able to rely on judgement and experience when planning and completing goals. Comfortable with multi-tasking. Has a good sense of creativity and independence. Can report to a manager or unit/department head.

Registered Nurse Salaries

The average base pay of a Staff RN in the United States is $41, 642. Fifty percent of the RN’s in the US normally earn from $38,792 to $44,869. Approximately 67% percent of these RN’s work in the inpatient and outpatient departments of hospitals. While 32% work in medical offices.

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