Crazy-Good Things You Never Thought to Marinate Your Chicken In.

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Throughout my unprepared, spontaneous, and completely random experiences with cooking, I have come up with some great marinades for chicken.  Though I prefer grilled chicken, it doesn’t matter if you using these marinades when you are baking or grilling your chicken, they’re great either way.  Marinades keep your meat moist while cooking and add some amazing flavors.

I don’t measure, I don’t follow recipes, or anything when I mix these, so use as much or as little as you want.  I’m sure it will be delicious.  Mix them together in a bowl and make sure it smells fabulous before adding to the chicken.  Once  you add the marinade and chicken together in a bag, make sure the chicken is covered, remove air from bag and seal. Let sit (in the fridge) for a minimum of 30 mins.  I like to let mine sit longer, normally 4 hours or sometimes even over night.  The longer it sits the better it will taste.

My favorite so far is raspberry lemonade.  You can use any kind you want, crystal light raspberry lemonade, tropicana, minute made, whatever.  Mix it in a bowl with blood orange olive oil (or regular olive oil if you don’t have it), some different herbs, seasoning salt, and pepper.  I also like to squeeze in a little juice from lemons sometimes.  You can even zest in some lemon peel or orange peel for extra flavor. Yum!

Another great one, as gross as it sounds, is a mixture of grape juice, worcestershire sauce and olive oil.  You can also add your favorite seasonings.

And one more great one–red wine, worcestershire sauce, olive oil, and seasonings.

Oil is great to use when marinading chicken, I’ve found that it really holds in the moisture.

Below is a list of great things I’ve used to marinade not only chicken with, but pork, ham, and steak.  Pick and choose your favorites to mix together. My favorites are starred!

  • Lemonades (Regular or Flavored)*****

  • Juices (Grape, Orange, Apple, Cranberry, etc.)*

  • Kool-aid, Hawiian punch, etc.

  • Worcestershire sauce*

  • Skins, juices, peels of your favorite fruits*

  • Wines (Red or White)*

  • Ranch

  • Soy sauce, Teriyaki

  • Salad dressings*

  • Honey

  • A1 steak sauce, BBQ sauce, Hot sauce

  • Beer

  • Rum*

  • Oils (preferrably olive)**

  • Brown sugar*

  • Garlic***

  • Ginger

  • Cumin*

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Rosemary

  • Sage*

  • Grilling herbs*

  • Other seasonings

  • Much, MUCH more!

The list of possibilites is endless. Enjoy! 🙂

Hint: set aside and save some of your mixure, heat up, and pour over your chicken when its done cooking!

Let me know your favorites!


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