Running is an Effective Way to Relieve

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As known, Stress is very dangerous, and what makes it even more dangerous that it has become an epidemic mental disorder, that is spreading amongst people everywhere. Although it isn’t known or identified as a disease, but too much stress can cause very dangerous diseases such as cancer or other viruses, as it makes the body venerable for such attacks. So in this article we will discuss how to deal with this silent killer with exercise. To prevent its deadly outcomes.

Exercise is the main key to overcome stress, as the body releases more stress out as you exercise more. If you want to know how does this happen, then keep reading.

When you do the act of exercising, there are a lot of things and processes that take place inside of your body, your heart rate increases, the blood flows more freely and vigorously in your body which results in relieving of stress.

The best exercise you can do to relieve stress is running, because when you engage in the act of running, your brain is forced to think about other things rather than stress, and as most exercises, running helps with the blood flow and releases the chemical that causes happiness, sparks creativity and relieves stress, endorphins, which rejuvenates and fills the body with energy.

Opinions varied when it comes to how often to use running to battle stress, but if you work or spend most of the day in a very stress-filled surroundings, its advised to indulge yourself in a long run before you go back to your home, so you make sure you arrive to your home rejuvenated, positively thinking and most important of them all, going back home stress free, as your family deserves no less than that. That’s why the best time to do this running exercise is when you are done with a stressful work day and coming home, do the running routine before visiting the gym; this will help you relieve your body from the stress that was stacking up in your body throughout the day in work.

Although this is not the only time where you should engage in your running routine, anytime that a stressful event happens and you cannot deal with it with a healthy matter, indulge yourself in 30 minute runs, as this run will help you release the stress in the ways mentioned above in the article. But even if you are done with the running and you still need answers, at least your body is pumping blood and you have energy flowing around in it, and running itself leaves you thinking in a positive healthy way, which will make you approach the stressful situation is a much positive and more creative way


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