Salary Negotiation – Things to Avoid

The interview for your dream job can make or break your career, because things you say and how you present yourself during this crucial moment will have an effect on whether or not a company will hire you. Many things will be discussed during the job interview, all of which you have to be prepared for. You should know what to say and what not to say, especially when it comes to salary negotiation. There are key tips and strategies to use, but you should also know what to avoid.

It’s important to go to an interview with a figure in mind; not doing so will make you seem like you don’t know your worth. If you aren’t sure how to much to ask, it’s alright to give them a range instead of not having any at all. Include the national average in your research, taking in your past accomplishments so that if your future employer asks you what your basis is, you are well prepared.

Another mistake many people tend to do during job interviews is not being straightforward. It’s important to be honest and say what you mean, because if you say you are okay with a smaller offer it’s highly unlikely your employer will reconsider the offer. If this is not acceptable to you, this is the time to discuss the compensation package.

Avoid being the first to discuss the numbers; in order to bargain successfully let your employer bring up the compensation prior to any discussions. It has been proven that the person who brings up salary negotiation first tends to lose, so it’s always best to wait.

Once the offer has been made, don’t say yes or no right away because it’s best to take a day or two to think about the offer first. Don’t base your decision on the amount itself, because other things should also be considered such as the sick leaves, vacation leaves, signing bonus, evaluation process, car allowance, retirement, and any additional expenses. When you have made your decision, these other factors can also be used for future salary negotiation once you are in the company already.

Understanding these things will help you avoid pitfalls during salary negotiation. Although it’s not exactly the most comfortable part of the hiring process to discuss, it’s inevitable and an important aspect that will help you be satisfied with your job. Doing the right thing will benefit you in the long run.

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