You Spray The Items That The Dog Has Chewed And Tends to go Back to

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Chewing is one of the most expensive and destructive problems that any dog owner faces 

We are talking about chewing furniture, curtains, draperies, appliances, baseboards, shoes, clothing, etc. owners have lost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in damage. Very often chewing has been the cause of failure in owner-animal relation and has resulted in parting of the ways. For the owner it ends in frustration, but for the dog, it means an uncertain future in terms of his mortality. It’s because there is no excuse for the problem, inasmuch as it readily solvable. 

There are several solutions. Some dogs will respond favorably to any one of the many sprays on the market. You spray the items that the dog has chewed and tends to go back to. Some sprays are unpleasant to the dog’s sense of smell while others are unpleasant to taste.

An alternative is to use alum, a power that can be purchased inexpensively in any drugstore. Mix it with a small amount of water, make it into paste, and smear it on the dog’s favorite chewing spots. The mixture tastes bitter and is extremely unpleasant for the animal. Although alum is not harmful if ingested, it should be used in small quantities. Alum is used medicinally as an astringent and a styptic and could upset the dog if he swallowed a large quantity. However, that is not likely to happen owing to its unpleasant taste. Tobacco or sauce is also effective.   

Many adult dogs chew when left alone because they are bored, frightened, nervous, or insecure about whether or not you will return. They do not do it as a spiteful act. Punishment is counter –productive and changes nothing except to add to the dog’s insecurity.

If you can make a determination as to why he chews, you might be able to change the conditions of his environment and correct the problem. For example: take the phone off the hook if the bell frightens him, do not leave him alone for too long a period of time (have a friend look in on him), get him a cat for playmate, leave plenty of rawhide toys or bones, etc. with careful deliberation every problem can be solved.  


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