Bucket Trucks – Comparing Ford, Freightliner, Gmc, And International

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Essentially, bucket trucks are commercial work trucks that feature an open top platform that is contained on all four sides. A lift that is attached to the end of a hydraulic arm carry workers around the platform to perform various tasks at heights off of the ground. It can be maneuvered around and raised to the certain levels that a given task requires. A bucket truck most often features a large truck bed, a mechanical boom, and a bucket for human transport that is placed at the end of the boom. The boom is manually controlled and can move vertically or horizontally.

There are a few major manufacturers of bucket trucks. The major brands include, Ford, GMC, Freightliner, and International.

The Ford Cherry Picker truck features a 7.3 liter Powerstroke Diesel engine. The engine has 275 horse power and is available with up to sixty thousand GVW. Ford manufactures a few of its vehicle components, but is primarily responsible for its assemble. A Ford transmission is reputable for lasting longer than those featured by comparable brands.

The GMC C6500 has a seven speed transmission. Its engine has 190 horse power and a GVQ of twenty six thousand. The working height is sixty feet and the truck features two hydraulic outriggers. It is primarily a forestry truck, so it does not require a CDL to operate it.

The Freightliner FL-70, has an automatic transmission, and the engine boasts 430 horse power. The truck achieves 1,650 pound-feet of torque. The fuel tank is 75 gallons. The truck also features air brakes. The transmission is six speed and comes with a transrear axle fill, a frame mounted transmission oil cooler, and a magnetic engine drain. Freightliner is a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz.

The International 4700 has a DTR66E diesel engine with 210 horse power. The truck boasts 34,000 GVW, plenty of torque, and a six speed transmission. Many operators feel that the power of this truck is its major weak point. 210 horse power is not very powerful when compared to other brands of truck that are similar in type. A plus side of this truck is that it is considered by many to be extremely long lasting and reliable.

While reading specifications of a particular make and model is no replacement for road experience with a truck, this information will hopefully get you started in the search for the truck that is right for you. More research is recommended to make sure that your purchase meets your specific needs.


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