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Good morning. This morning, we are going to be talking about The Tunnel Thru the Air,
a book by W.D. Gann. How many people have read their copy three times, like Gann told them
to do? Very good. If you haven’t, you may be in for quite a surprise for today.
What is The Tunnel Thru the Air? It’s a very bad romance novel – a sappy romance
novel full of very, very bad poetry. Why would one of the best commodity traders and market
researchers waste his time writing a bad romance novel? Probably it’s a lot more than a romance
novel. The book has a rather odd title for a romance novel.
Gann wrote this book in 1927. In the Foreword, Gann says there are three main reasons
he wrote the book:
It is a romance novel
It proves the natural laws laid down in the Bible
It shows the value of science, foreknowledge and preparedness.
If you had been reading your astrological manuals in 1927, you should remember
Sepharial wrote a book called The Science of Foreknowledge. Gann is using phrases that are
very close to the names of astrological texts you should have seen. He is going to drop hundreds
of hints through the book. Gann says this book contains a valuable secret clothed in a “veiled
language”. In other words, pay attention, this book is not at all what it seems to be.
This is one of the least studied of Gann’s books, and it is probably the most
misunderstood. For the average trader that really wants to know how to trade the markets, this is
probably the most valuable book Gann ever wrote.
If this book is not a romance novel, then what is it? Very simply, it is an astrological
textbook that Gann wrote to look like a novel. In this book, he uses tropical geocentric
astrology. Gann teaches you several types of astrology.
The first thing he teaches you is personal astrology. We have our hero, Robert Gordon.
We watch this boy grow up. Gann tells us when Robert’s father dies, when Robert breaks his leg,
when he has malaria, when he gets a promotion, when he finds his girlfriend, when he loses his
girlfriend, etc. If you look at transits to Robert’s natal chart, you will see the reasons why these
things occurred.
1994 Tunnel Lecture by Bonnie Lee Hill
Gann also teaches financial astrology in the book, and that is our topic of interest. Gann
gives you specific trading rules for commodities like cotton, wheat, and corn. He gives you
specific trading rules for a company he calls Major Motors. Gann assumes you can guess which
company he is discussing. He also has another company in the book called Major Electric, in
case you missed the point. He also tells you how to trade oil stocks, and the stock market in
general. Gann also shows how to predict financial panics, booms, and anything related to
The third category in the book is mundane astrology. For instance, Gann teaches you
how to predict major floods of the Mississippi River. He shows you how to predict wars,
problems for the United States, and so on.
Question: “When you say he teaches you how to do that, is he teaching you – what is his
methodology? He teaches by giving you the date and you look at that chart? Is that what you’re
saying?” Answer: Yes. That’s exactly what we’re going to do in a few pages, but yes. Gann
gives you hints in the book, and he assumes you are smart enough to put the pieces together and
figure out what the trading rule is. He is going to make you work for these answers. He’s not
going to give them to you for free.
Medical astrology is also discussed in the book. Again, you can watch when someone
gets malaria, breaks their leg, has hallucinations, almost has a mental breakdown, and so on. All
of this is packed in the book, and is hidden by a thin layer of a very bad romance novel.
Gann will repeat any important point over and over and over in this book. His first point
is that this is a book on astrology. So, there are a lot of comments in the book that says “I
believe in astrology”. “I believe in the stars”. Page 74, “If we make calculations from the date
and place of birth, I think we can predict what is going to happen.” That sounds like natal
astrology to me. He says “I use geometry and mathematics, just like an astronomer to figure out
what is going to happen.” On Page 77, he probably summarizes the idea of the whole book:
“Like causes produce like results.” That is the basis of financial astrology.
Gann discusses how he forecasts cycles, and he says “I am not going to explain to you
why it works”. He says that most people would not believe it if he told them. There are many,
many comments about astrology in this book. The book is full of very blatant statements
concerning astrology; it is not about a love story.
Now, how do we decode the book? This is where it may get a little tricky. First, you
need to cast a natal horoscope for every person, every place, every country mentioned. Make
sure you have a horoscope. Our hero, Robert Gordon, was born June 9, 1906, late in the
evening. Robert Gordon is a little kid living in Texarkana on a cotton farm. He grows up and
becomes a brilliant trader, and is also the greatest genius that ever lived. He invents the
equivalent of radar, Stealth bombers, neutron bombs, and everything else. Robert singlehandedly
saves the United States from the terrible Japanese attack. He is the greatest hero there
ever was.


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