3 'recommended Treatments For Curing Pustules

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Pustules are a little bit like pimples except they haven’t broken out past the dermal wall yet. Many creams that can cure papules (pimples) can also cure pustules. It is always best not to touch pustules at all because they do come with the risk of scarring your face for life. There are many treatments on the market and here are some of the top rated ones:

  1. ZenMed – This is a popular treatment that has been given high ratings by some. When ZenMed created their acne line, they had long-term treatment as their primary goal. All their products are based on exfoliating your skin and preventing the build up of dead skin cells. Added to this, ZenMed Acne Treatment has ingredients to evenly tone your skin. Sensitive skin especially responds well to this treatment system, and they have all natural products that won’t do more harm than good. The kit must be ordered online and will be shipped for free inside Northern America. They have many different solutions for your unique skin type, including washes for body acne. A live chat customer service representative is always there to answer all your questions, whether you have already purchased your product or are still thinking about it, from their website.
  2. Exposed Skincare – This company guarantees your skin will clear up in thirty days, or you get all your money back, plus a 1 year money back guarantee. 98% of people who used their treatments saw clearer skin, and 96% of people saw better tone and appearance. You can order a kit or individual products as you see fit, but it is probably best to go with the kits they give you for pustules. They start with a basic 5 piece kit that includes facial cleanser, clearing tonic, acne treatment serum, clear pore serum and a Derm-X cloth. The next step up is their 6 piece kit which includes all previous mentioned products plus a moisture complex. Great for those with dry skin. Their ultimate kit is 9 pieces and includes all previous plus a scrub, mask and complex. Used properly and safely they promise results fast. With the many products at the reasonable price they are offering, they are worth checking into.
  3. Clindamycin – When facial cleansers fail to cure pustular acne, this medication is commonly resorted to first. It is a topical medication that has anti-bacterial qualities and frees fatty acids from the skin, reducing inflammation. It is available in both a gel and a solution, whichever you find best for you. Usually, a thin layer twice daily is enough to produce results. Some individuals may have a hypersensitivity to Clindamycin and should speak with their doctor before taking this medication. Pregnant or lactating women should not take Clindamycin. Any sign of bloody stool, diarrhea or colitis should be taken seriously and usage should be immediately stopped. Individuals with a history of any kind of colitis should use caution and possibly avoid taking this medication.

These few remedies are 3 in a wide variety of cleansers and medications that come in at the top of the list to cure pustular acne. Always use caution, research a lot and be aware of the risks you are taking before using any product that you aren’t sure of. You will find one that works for you.


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