Why Stuffed Animal Toys Are so Popular

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The first stuffed animal toy was introduced in 1880. It was created by a German Company by the name of Steiff. This company used techniques which upholsterers developed for upholstery to manufacture soft stuffed toys.  

Since we see Stuffed Animals all over the place, it is easy to assume they have always been available. Learning about the history of Stuffed Animal though can help you to appreciate them more.In the past the Stuffed Animal toy was made in homes and not factories unlike today. They were made out of various stuffing like cloth and straw.But as time progressed newer man made materials were introduced to stuff these delightful toys. These could be produced quickly and at very lower costs. Although, you find a variety of Stuffed Animal toys, the most popular one is the Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Toy. It is an enduring form of Stuffed Animal in many countries often serving the purpose of entertaining children and Teddy Bears have become collector’s items.  Stuffed Animal can be given away as gifts to babies and children. But at the same time parents should be careful to keep the babies cot free of stuffed Animal toys up to 12 months.

 Although, it may seem unlikely, there is a chance that a Stuffed toy could cover your baby’s face and suffocate him says a practicing emergency physician of St. Fianco Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  After the baby is 01 year old it is safe to allow the baby to cuddle StuffedAnimal toy because the baby can roll over and sit up and move the toy away from his/her face.  Stuffed Animal can be presented as a gift to teenagers, parents or friends on their birthday Valentine Day or Charismas time as they cherish them as novelties and for some it is like a hobby much like collecting stamps or coins.  

Stuffed animal toys have steadfastly remained as fast selling play items even though children of this highly developed technologically developed age prefer electronics to playing with toys that capture their imaginations. However these are comfort toys that any age will appreciate. Ask anyone and they will no doubt have one from days gone by that they still cling to, which will never be able to replace with the most modern electronics that can fade out to make way for the newer inventions.


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