Monroe, NY Kickboxing Classes Provide Fat Loss And Comfort to Men & Women of All Ages, Shapes & Sizes

A new kickboxing program in Monroe, NY is helping residents do more than lose weight. They’re gaining a new confidence in themselves that’s inspiring them to do more with their lives. Here’s the scoop:

Monroe, NY Kickboxing Classes for Fat Loss & Improved Health

The Monroe, NY kickboxing classes utilize a mixture of cardio & resistance training to help men & women lose fat fast. The cardio does more than burn excess fat though. In fact, it comes with an array of benefits that dramatically improve health, too. It increases blood flow and oxygen flow to the entire body, resulting in increased energy, decreased blood pressure, reduced stress, and an overall happier mood.

Resistance training helps to give that “lean, toned” look. This form of training increases muscle mass. But ladies need not worry about getting “bulky.” Bulkiness is a result of high testosterone levels. Few women have high enough levels to support it. Women will find themselves getting slim and toned – while men might bulk up a bit, and also get leaner, and more defined. A side-effect of increased muscle mass is a faster, more active metabolism. Members actually burn calories around the clock just by having more muscle on their bodies.

These Monroe kickboxing classes are also re-defining how a lot of people view kickboxing. The program contains an extremely supportive, fun environment. People laugh and smile throughout the entire sessions. Members encourage and motivate each other. And the kickboxing instructors truly care about each and every member. This is evident from the constant inspiration and motivation they lay on throughout the entire kickboxing sessions.

This Monroe, NY Kickboxing Program Also Offers Powerful, Simple Nutritional Counseling for its Members

The Monroe kickboxing program offers nutritional guidance in a variety of forms. Members can schedule private consultations with the kickboxing instructors. This is great for people who are self-conscious of their eating habits, and want a more private, intimate setting to discuss how to improve their eating. The Monroe, NY kickboxing instructors are said to be extremely non-judgmental. Their philosophy is that there’s no point in making anyone feel anxious and judged for the way they eat. That’s not an environment that promotes success.

Members also get in-class “nutrition seminars” from time to time. The instructors will devote a short amount of time at the beginning or end of kickboxing class to go over simple, powerful nutrition tips that promote fat loss. The kickboxing instructors say that nutrition is essential to losing weight. Great exercise alone can yield results, but results come up to hundreds of times more quickly with the right diet to support them.

The Monroe, NY kickboxing program offers a natural, easy-to-follow nutrition plan. It involves tasty meals, metabolism-boosting snacks, and other industry secrets to turn your body into a fat-burning machine. The kickboxing instructors have witness people fail time after time on diets that involve eating much less. In fact, starving yourself causes your body to store even more fat – and this usually leads to a binge-eating session down the road.

Monroe, NY Kickboxing Program Teaches Techniques Used by World-Class Fighters

One of the first things you’ll learn in your Monroe kickboxing class is proper kickboxing stance. This is a stance that enables you to easily defend yourself, as well as use offensive strikes like punches and kicks. The stance enables your entire body to move freely and easily. And it’s a workout in itself just standing in it.

Then you’ll learn an array of punches and kicks. These involve upper-body boxing technique that will shape and tone your shoulders, chest, back, stomach, and sides. The techniques range from jabs (straight, quick punches from your front-most arm) to crosses (powerful punches thrown with your rear hand) to hooks (semi-circular punches thrown with your lead hand) to upper-cuts (vertical, rising punches thrown with the rear hand). The punches don’t just involve your arms, though. They use your hips to generate momentum and power. In fact, most of the power in your punches will come from your hips.

You’ll also learn kicks that engage your lower body and core. These kicks require balance – and you’ll build muscles throughout your lower back and stomach to help you stay secure. The kicks will also help tone your thighs, butt, calves, and hamstrings. These involve front kicks, sidekicks, roundhouse kicks, hook kicks and more.

Members say learning these techniques is so fun, they “forget” they’re also getting a fat-burning workout, too.

Monroe, NY Kickboxing Program Inspires Confidence & Self-Esteem in its Members – Helping them to Live More Fulfilled, Inspired Lives

Perhaps the most powerful benefit Monroe members walk away with from this Monroe, NY kickboxing program is life-changing confidence. People with issues about their weight often don’t’ realize how much energy goes into sub-conscious thoughts and feelings surrounding their weight. They feel self-conscious everywhere they go, and these anxious feelings drain their energy. As a result, they never feel at their best. However, as members go through the Monroe, NY program, and transform their bodies, these feelings begin to fade. Suddenly they have lots of more energy and enthusiasm about their lives.

A major confidence boost also comes from accomplishing their goals. Members set goal weights, and feel proud and motivated as they reach their various goals. Many members say their close friends & family members become inspired too, just by watching them. It’s a wonderful feeling when you can lead others to a healthier, more fit lifestyle – and when you can lead by example.

And finally, perhaps the nicest – and often least expected – confidence boost comes from the compliments Monroe members receive from people in their daily lives. Co-workers notice the weight loss, and comment. Spouses re-kindle their attraction. And friends are shocked by how great they look. This, of course, greatly improves these men and women’s self-esteem, giving them the courage and confidence to make other improvements in their lives.

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