Pimples’ on Face You Should Take a Look This

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Pimples’ on face you should take a look This

Pimples-on-face Some girls to thirteen-year-old boy to fifteen-year-old in the face after unknowingly played a number of knots, superficial, but very beautiful effect in general, less acne, can be said that the normal adolescent physiological phenomenon as long as the attention to skin care health, increases with age and more will be dead. Prevention and treatment of Pimples,

you should note the following points:

1: keep the skin clean: – before going to bed, early morning wash your face with warm water used to remove oil. Excessive secretion of oils and fats usually shiny face, you should always wipe with a soft paper.

2: The diet should be light: – eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eat less fat, sugar and starch content of foods, eat less spicy food, drink plenty of water to maintain good digestion, stool.

3: To be happy: -rest, to ensure adequate sleep, to feel happy and optimistic.

4: Pineapple juice: – pineapple juice with a polished surface of the skin, prevent acne, and a clean moist skin effect.

5: Bitter Mask: -Take 1 pound medium bitter gourd, juice Beverage. The bitter residues add 1 tablespoon oat flour and mix thoroughly, applied to the face, 20 minutes and wash. 2 times a week. Those for blackhead.

6: Orange nuclear coating solution: – nuclear research and go with the orange, and mix thoroughly with warm water every night before going to sleep painted the face, wash away with warm water next morning. Effect to the spots, in addition to acne. For acne, chiliasm.

7: liquid milk peel: -2-3 apples with the peel, add 1 cup boiling water, pour 1 cup of fresh milk and cook for a while, the mixture filtered hot fumigation face. Those for blackhead.

8: Topical Collagen: -Collagen young people to be topical cream morning and evening, because the product can enrich the skin Collagen, nourishing the skin, pores, eliminate inflammation effect.

9:mug bean Mask: -The mug bean powder and warm water into a paste. Wash face with warm water before going to bed every night after the coated surface. Clearing and detoxifying, acne prevention and treatment success

10: Pimples on Face, conclusion:Remember that the primary cause of pimples on face is oil, dirt, bacteria, germs and other items that clog your pores. You must be diligent in keeping your face clean, your hands off your face, and using the correct lotions and creams. Remember, you can win the battle against pimples on face.


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