Visitors Travel Insurance

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You could be on your dream vacation, that perfect cruise you have been meaning to go on for a long time, an overseas visit to attend a family reunion or function, regardless of the purpose of the visit, there is never a right or wrong type of travel where you would not require travel insurance. As per the US Travel Insurance Association, about 30% of Americans that travel overseas actually purchase travel insurance. This percentage is a relatively low number given the various; rather not so welcome situations that may arise that most travelers are not prepared for. A comprehensive travel insurance plan can certainly put your mind at ease by providing you with insurance coverage for your trip and most importantly, your health. As an example, a decent travel insurance plan can cover you from the following scenarios:

Your current flight has been cancelled and you need an alternate flight out or even cancelling a trip from illness.

You need an emergency medical prescription filled because your medication in you baggage is lost.

Your wallet or passport along with your travelling cash has been stolen or is missing.

You are in a medical situation where you may need emergency medical or even a medevac, given your location.

Our website best describes what our company is all about and the multitude of services that we have to offer. The Community insurance agency is rather specialized in the area of international visitors travel insurance and we have visitor’s insurance plans that meet the specific needs of visitors to the USA or US citizens traveling abroad. Our plans offer comprehensive as well as fixed /schedule of benefit visitors insurance coverage, so that choosing appropriate visitor insurance is made easy. Given the fact that over 50% of the people traveling abroad face some sort of health problems or the other, it becomes all the more important for the modern day traveler to have a comprehensive Visitor Travel Insurance of sorts that protects them from circumstances surrounding their health and travel well beyond their control. The team at Community Insurance Agency would recommend that you at least give us a call or fill out our easy to use Visitor Travel Insurance rate quote forms and give us the opportunity to show you exactly how cost effective and comprehensive our Visitors travel Insurance rates are. You can find Visitor Insurance policies designed for almost any type of trip you may be planning, such as a single trip for hunting or backpacking abroad, cruises, and a host of other travel activities. With us, the specific types and amounts of coverage you get depend on the policy you choose and we will certainly do our best to recommend the best Visitor travel Insurance plan that is perfect for you.”


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