Eduberry: A Complete Educational Erp Solution

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Revolution in information and technology (IT) has amazed the world with the changes it brought is almost every field of our lives.Space exploration, cell phones, computers, internet, etc, which just seemed ethereal have now become a reality and that too within a short span of 100 years, thanks to technology. One such miracle oftechnology is Educational ERPwhich has changed the face of educational sector.

Educational sector have become a complex framework with many modules like admissions, fees, library, class schedules, assignments, etc that need proper coordination for a smooth administration.Thus, many institutes like schools and colleges demand for College ERP solution. If you are looking for a full proof and complete solution for your institute, then your search ends with Eduberry.
Eduberry is an automated and centralized college ERP solution that combines all the modules of the educational institute for a hassle free management.

In India, where there are more than 60 students in one class it becomes very difficult to keep a track of their records and to preserve them is more difficult. With its amazing feature educational ERP Provider like Eduberry integrate the records of all students and categorize it into different segments which can be helpful in searching the records easily and within less time.

College ERP solution is very much similar to “time capsules”. It can preserve vital information for long time and can be retrieved. Due to its consolidated system, Eduberry can hold the important records and data of the students for many years, without any fear of it being lost or damage.  This system is interconnected with all the departments. Thus, in case of any accident, the information is not lost, as it can be retrieved.

In this age of internet, when every single thing has gone online, education has also become online, thanks to Educational ERP Provider, Eduberry. Students can get access to any information pertaining to the books in library, the current status of their fees, class schedules, important notices, etc from a remote location. So, next time a teacher can easily find out whether the child is making an absentee excuse for not completing the work on time.

If you are thinking that Eduberry is unsecure, as if the students can access any module they can also make modifications in it, then that’s entirely false. A team of dedicated software developers and engineers work for individual customisation of Educational ERP. A student can only see the information on their desktops, but cannot edit it or destroy it.

E-learning has become a very popular concept in the western countries and it is gradually paving its way in Indian educational sector. Eduberry actualises the concept of E-learning in India. This College ERP Provider gives a platform for this advance method of learning, as the teachers can upload the notes and lectures on the school site. The students can see them and prepare their notes accordingly. They can also find useful links and sources that can be helpful for preparing assignments or projects. The students can also submit their projects online from remote place, thus can meet the deadlines.

Those days are gone, when the students have to take pains to search reliable sources to complete their assignments and the credit goes to Eduberry and other such Educational ERP provider that can help to reduce the stress of the students.
Searching a book from shelves full of books is an annoying task. Have ever wondered how a librarian would be keeping a detailed list of the books, its availability; annoying isn’t it? Well, Eduberry is a virtual librarian. College ERP provider prepares and maintains a detailed list of all the books, the students and teachers can check it online. They can also check the availability of books from their home.

Sometimes, I feel quite jealous of the present generation; their life has become less complicated. With Educational ERP provider such as Eduberry, offer a complete solution to the schools or colleges management.


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