Skin Hair Shaving Method Part 2

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Skin Hair Shaving Method Part 2

Many women suffer from pain when removal of excess body hair from the legs or thighs, or even the face by traditional methods, but with modern techniques this has become a concern of the past The laser hair removal and effective treatment method where the laser beam to send a package of energy to the root of the hair color and the hair follicle absorbs these rays Vidmrha and stop their growth. Laser fits any area of the body to suffer from excess hair, and as the laser treats more of the bulb at the same time has become a large address spaces Kalzar of the body, arms and legs like an easy area above the lip or face And with that the process of laser hair removal has become a common and medically acceptable.

The results can be different for different people depending on the level of hormones and type the number of hair follicles and skin color, in addition to, the natural hair is going through three stages of the growth phase and resting phase and then stage a fall. During the growth phase the hair is sensitive to the laser beam, but the other two phases will be less responsive. There are different rates of hair anywhere in the body and pass in the three cases of growth at the same time it becomes difficult to remove hair permanently in one session, which require additional meetings.

What are the cases dealing with the laser?

Provide the traditional means to remove hair from shaving and plucking and removal wax or sweetness or the use of creams, chemical and temporary expedient, and even now, the solution is now recognized is the removal of permanent hair by electrolysis, a method is slow and tedious and Amadaahlelloukt Besides being painful.

The process of hair removal laser is the means safe to get rid of unwanted hair from the body without affecting the pores minute body or exposing the cells to damage, as it can get rid of facial hair for women in ten minutes while the back and legs and areas most of the body, it need a little more timeAnd the laser is the best way to determine the chin for men and long-term disposal of shaving daily.

Should consult your doctor before laser treatment for the following reasons:

Cause of the increase in the appearance of hair and remove the direct cause of treatment appropriate to first Determine the skin type and hair type that needs to be treated and to choose the appropriate laser device and the appropriate dose of laser light and to avoid side effects and get satisfactory results.

Knowledge of the general health situation of the person who is subject to the laser treatment.

May occur laser some pain like and bio needle, which can be overcome substance chilled or local anesthetic and the different nature of the skin of one person to another, as occurs redness of the skin such as redness that occurs due to exposure to the sun’s heat, but it disappears after hours to return the skin to normal first And laser light is not a risk to the body from the inside because he does not have the ability to penetrate the skin and access to what is beneath it is designed because only up to the hair follicles, which exists in the dermis layer of the skin and must always protect the eyes by wearing goggles before exposure to laser light.

There is also no contraindications to exposure to laser light, if used for its intended purpose, and pregnant women can direct laser treatment at any stage of pregnancy and the fetus is no fear at all, as well as treatment can be applied to any person and at any age.


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