Why is Bulk Sms in India so Popular?

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MNO’s or mobile network operators are extremely busy these days; the reason is because there is a continuous demand for SMS gateways from bulk SMS providers.

Bulk SMS provider is an entity who signs up with these operators to exploit their SMS gateways for a certain amount of fees. These providers then offer SMS platform to mobile marketing companies. The question that immediately pops up in the head is why would mobile marketers buy these gateways? The answer is quite simple; to send bulk SMS to mobile phone subscribers for a myriad of reasons. Bulk SMS in India is typically exploited for marketing of goods and services.

Marketers use them to establish brands, popularize goods, send out product updates, news etc. In short these providers are the link between the MNO’s and the end users or the marketers.

Bulk SMS is cheap, reliable and efficient tool that helps businesses increase their sales and also allows them to create strong brand awareness.

Voice SMS is a subset of SMS. Instead of sending text based marketing Ads, advertisers send voice messages. This subset has several advantages over text messages. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. This form of SMS subset carries a lot of emotion. Humans react positively to voice messages. It therefore makes sense to exploit this avenue as it provides a personal touch.

2. It allows marketers to send SMS in local languages.

3. This form of messaging service is device independent. Marketers need not worry about the type of handset its target recipients own.

4. Easy to access and is extremely discreet.

How does this work? Mentioned below is a short guide.

Once the marketers or individuals compose a voice based SMS, they are asked for the recipients number. The next step is to add mobile phone numbers and send it like ordinary SMS. That’s it. The message is saved in the voice storage unit. The recipient is then sent an alert which can be via email or SMS. The recipient then punches in some predefined keys to retrieve the message.

Voice based SMS also provides an opportunity to operators to increase their profits by offering this service over existing infrastructure.

So what are Bulk SMS Services?

Bulk SMS is used to promote businesses, irrespective of their size and type of products or services that they offer. It provides a solid platform for promotion and communication.

It offers multiple applications for businesses; on the communication front it allows workers or managers to send instant alerts to colleagues to coordinate meetings or gather a group of people for brain storming sessions, interact with suppliers for timely delivery of components etc.

On the marketing and promotional front, bulk SMS service is used to coordinate with regular customers. Another popular bulk SMS service feature is to generate new leads by involving customers in various activities such as voting and polls via 2-way SMS.  

Bulk SMS service is also utilized for sending promotional and discount coupons, establish brand and get customer feedback.


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