Skin Hair Shaving Method Part 1

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Skin Hair shaving method

A majority of American women (and more American men) does body hair removal. Because they like it, feel like it, or because their partners are more hygienic appreciate it. Women often waxing legs, underarms and groin area. Men are waxing pubic area, chest, back, armpits, ears, nostrils, and sometimes the legs. Today there are various methods for body hair removal. The best known examples are:

  1. Shave

  2. Resins / waxes

  3. Epilating

  4. Depillared

  5. Laser

  6. IPL Intense Pulsed Light (photo-epilating)

  7. Hair Removal Cream

In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of each method.

Body Hair Removal – Shaving

Shaving is the most popular form of body hair removal, on each physical location can be used. Shaving gives you just the way that piece of hair protrudes above the skin. For a hand shaving razor, an electric shaver (Lady Shave) or clippers are used. The advantage of shaving is that it is relatively easy and painless. When you shave, keep hairs on average only 1-5 days away, and there remain almost always short stubble behind.

Body Hair Removal – Plucking

Plucking is done with tweezers or epilator. With tweezers pull one hair at a time, with an epilator or pull high speed multiple hairs simultaneously. Plucking hurts, but is very efficient. As you get more epilating, the less pain. Tweezers is particularly effective for facial hair removal and body hair removal does not. Hairs grow on average after 1 to 3 weeks.

Body Hair Removal – Waxing / Wax

Resins or waxing is an alternative form of epilating. You bring a liquid resin or resin strip on a hairy part of your skin. Once the resin has been hard, pull it from it. The hairs are trapped with her roots and all from the skin. The disadvantage of resin or wax is that it quite hurt. The advantage is that hair after growing 1 to 3 weeks back, and significantly thinner than they were.

Body Hair Removal – depilating

Depicting removes hair just below the skin surface, so leave no stubble after shaving as in the case. It shows – in contrast to depopulation – the roots alone, thus irritating bumps and red spots are avoided. A epilator can be used for facial hair and bikini line and underarms for use.

Body Hair Removal – Laser

Laser hair removal is sometimes called permanent hair removal. Finally, it is not because (part of) the hair grows back eventually. The result of laser treatment is usually many months or years. For permanent hair removal requires several treatments and these are quite expensive.

Body Hair Removal – IPL

Hair removal IPL (Intense Pulsed Light hair removal) is similar to laser hair removal, but slightly less effective. The hairs of the hair bulb burned with intense light. If hairs grow back at all though, it does so only after months or years. IPL is quite expensive as laser.

Body Hair Removal – Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal cream, gel or mousse is simple and painless. You in no time waxing large surfaces. Chemicals work on the hair and then you can wipe or rinse the hair. Some of these chemicals may cause irritation or an allergic reaction. Experiment a little and wait two days off before you applied during large skin areas.

Body Hair Removal – Finally

Each hair removal method has its advantages and disadvantages. Expensive or cheap .Painful or painless Simple or labor intensive it happened.Long work hours or earnings or after 2 days again … There is no ultimate method for body hair removal. It is a matter of weighing and personal preference.


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