Senopati Pamungkas: Episode 1 – The Figures 2

Indreswari, known as the wife or consort tinuheng temple the elder. Shift the position of Tribhuana and hence its offspring would inherit the throne of King Kertarajasa.

Dewa Maut, had become a malignant character, every time the fight should take a life of romance to your opponent because of her hero one hand clapping. Live alone with just his fellow men, in a boat which is always located in the Brantas River. In one battle his knowledge disappeared, and his style as memory loss. The entire white hair. Gendhuk Tri considered “lover” is missing and always called Tole, calls for a boy. Dewa Maut only want to follow orders Gendhuk Tri.

Kama Kalacakra, one of Japan as an adept warrior plays the long sword.

Kama Kalandara, brother of Kama Kalacakra college. Two different names but the same meaning, namely “the seed of the sun”. When joined, they became respected, because it can move fast while spinning attack.

Kama Kangkam, teachers and Kama Kalacakra, Kama Kalandara. Came to Java to try his strength with Eyang Sepuh, title fight as a knights Lelananging Jagat (male of universe), or knight of the mostman of the most invincible.

Senopati Semi, one Senopati Majapahit. One of the seven Dharmaputra, son of the palace that gets preferential treatment from the king. Other Senopati including Dharmaputra is Senopati Kuti, Senopati Pangsa, Senopati Wedeng, Senopati Yuyu, Senopati Tanca, and Senopati Banyak.

Kala Gemet, Crown Prince Sultan of Majapahit, the son of Empress Indreswari. Since young has been appointed as heir apparent to take the place of exercise of power in Dahanapura. Fear rivaled his brother, he forbade his mother married another.

Mahisa Taruna, son Mahisa Anabrang, burned by revenge since his father’s death at the hands of Senopati Sora. Feelinghis devotion to the royal palace abandoned, Mahisa Taruna easily mocked others.

Aria Wiraraja, a respected figure from Sumenep, Madura, this is the first time reached out to Sanggrama Wijaya. Sniper tactics and strategy. With the death of Lawe, his beloved son, AryanWiraraja very disappointed. Then left the palace and lived in Lumajang, who heads a region east of Majapahit.

Naga Nareswara, or Dragon King of All, is the highest representatives of the Tartars, who still hold a grudge, becausehis troops are able to conquer the world-Senopati Senopati defeated by Majapahit. However, his arrival is primarily to fight with Eyang Sepuh, in getting a knighthood lelananging jagat.To prove who is the heir to the sacred teachings of the samesource.

Kiai Sambartaka, or Kiai Doomsday, a pastor from the Indian soil. Came to Java to complain to the Kama Kangkam true science, Naga Nareswara and Eyang Sepuh. Presumably, fifty years ago, the leaders had promised to convene all-out battle.

Ratu Ayu Bawah Langit (Down the Sky), indicate the name under heaven that in all this, he was the most beautiful without a duel. Real name Ratu Ayu Azeri Baijani, coming from the Turkana country. A country called tlatah (country) Tapel Wates, because it is a boundary with unknown territory. Ratu Ayu ventured into the land of Java, for they hearthere will be a meeting of all martial arts champion. Together with the knights, Ratu Ayu want to find a mate, which could defeat him. Because he believes that with a man who could defeat him, she could liberate her country and the colony of King Tartars. Fuss, just in stead of wandering, nothing could break her knowledge, that is Tathagati, or the science of Buddhist Women, which is considered heretical because equate the Buddha with a woman. Motion step of this science is called Tathagata Pratiwimba or Moving Budha statue of rigid, similar to the way of moving puppets.

Sariq, Main Senopati for Ratu Ayu Bawah Langit Lower Heaven. Sariq means yellow, because when science plays as if his body entirely yellow. Another Senopati are Senopati Uighur, Karaim, Wide, Chagatai, and Kazakh. Together they are capable of playing a lineup that is called Lompat (Jump) Turkana, or 64 Step Jong. Jong could mean an umbrella, it could mean closed. Lompat Turkana sequence is structured in such a way, so step back closed. They are always moving forward, to the right side, or to the left side. It is said that this is a game that is prevalent in the country Turkana.

Gajah Biru (Blue Elephant), Senopati loyal to mpu Sora, either at the time victorious and when excluded, as were were, Juru Demung, Maha Singanada, valor, faces and looks very similar to Upasara Wulung. Only him hair loose and his attitude is much more sloppy,did not know the etiquette. Senopati is included in the delegation sent by the king of Sri Kertanegara Singasari palace (that’s why still use the name of the Singa (Lion)) to country Campa, to the palace Caban, to deliver Dyah Ayu.

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