Reason For The Failure in Implementation of Erp

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Enterprise resource planning was first adoptedin business organizations some 20 years ago for better administration…. Today, it has been incorporated in almost every office and even in the educational institutes… Development of educational ERP has proved to be a turning pointas it brought about a break-through changes in the functionariesof various educational institutes like schools, colleges and universities…Campus management software, with its user friendly and unique features have increased the efficiency of the administrative as well as academic staff….

Owing to a rise in the demand forEducation ERP system, there are numerous vendors and companies which claim to offer excellent services for the multiple tasksundertaken by educational institutes….. It becomes extremely important to make proper study of the companies and vendors who offer ERP solution to the institutions, as incorrect knowledge or notions about this software can create problems; rather than providing solutions….

Failure in implementation of Campus management software can occur at all the levels, due to miscommunication or misinterpretation about the concept and function of the software….
Lack of proper knowledge of how to operate or handle a sophisticated system can overshadow the advantages an Education ERPsystem can have for a school or a college…… The administrative as well as the academic staff should be given thorough training about the software, the purpose of its installation, how it works, etc…… If the staff is not aware of its features or its functions, they will not be able to accept or work with it.

Moreover, lack of knowledge will not help the staff members to learn the operations involved in Campus management software, which will ultimately have an adverse effect on their work efficiency and productivity… The software instead of helping them to have a smooth management of different activities, create disorder in the management…….

Sometimes it happens that the school or college orders for the installation of Education ERP system without making proper arrangements of the hardware support that is required for smooth functioning. It is essential to understand that ERP is software, thus it needs support from different hardwarelike servers, well configured PCs, etc….. Poor arrangements or availability of these devices can lead to a failure of the ERP.

Apart from this, effective and successful implementation of Campus management software requires peripheral support system that consists of proper antivirus, proper operating system, internet connectivity, etc. So, before installation of the educational ERP, the institutes should equip itself with these required support systems…..
Besides, insufficient and untimely services by the companies or vendors can also create hurdles for better implementation of the Education ERP system….. Any new technology is usually updated from time to time. If the firm fails to upgrade the system accordingly, it might turn out to be an unwanted expense for the institution……

A major obstacle that hampers efficient functioning of Campus management softwareis the centralization of all the modules. It combines all the tasks of different departments in an educational system, to ensure sharing of information in all the departments….. So, if one fails, the effect will be seen on the work of each department…… The top management of the school or college should make sure that there is an understanding between the heads of various departments and each of them works with full cooperation…….

Any change whether it is constructive or destructive is never easily accepted by anyone…… Similarly it might get difficult for the staff and for the management of the educational institute to accept something about which they have limited knowledge and resources….. Proper communication about the software can reduce the chances of any failure in Education ERP system implementation.


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