Starfall – The Ultimate Resource For Wii Homebrew Users

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This article is part of a series on modding your Wii/Running Homebrew. If you like this article you should check out the table of contents here.

Starfall: it as the title says it is the ultimate resource for any Wii homebrew user, it has a wide range of functions that range from “bricked” (unfunctioning) Wii recovery, to update blocking.

Starfall’s Functions (all optional) are:

Gamecube game, Wii game, and Wii channel reigon freeing-  With these hacks you can make your Wii play games and use channels that are not from your Wii’s reigon.  Tricky!

Wii main menu BGM (Background Music) removal- If you find the BGM when your wii boots annoying you can finally get rid of it! Yay!

Rescue Menu- This is a very usefull tool that will open up when you hold the Y-button on the first Gamecube controller and will open a menu that may be able to unbrick your Wii! This is a very usefull little tool.

Replace the health warning with backmenu-  This is a nifty little hack that will, as the name says replace the opening health warning with the backmenu.

Skip disc update check-  This is perhaps th most usefull tool of all because it allows you to automaticly skip Disc updates (Nintendo’s evil and useless little patches that may remove your Wii’s homebrew ability).

How to Install Starfall

Well first things first Starfall requires the Homebrew Channel to be installed.  To learn how to do this read this guide.  You will also need to downgrade your Wii’s firmware/system menu to version 3.2 (Don’t worry you can learn how here.

After you have finished doing those two ABSOLOUTELY REQUIRED tasks you can download Starfall from right here.  Simply extract and place into the apps folder of your SD card and you will be all set to run the installer from the Homebrew Channel.

WARNING: When you run the installer Read the whole scree thoroughly.  The instructions at the very bottom of the page are long.  You must read the whole page in order to recieve the propper prompting on how to proceed.


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