Schizophrenia-Psychotic Disorder

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It is genetic disorder, and comes under schizo affected disorder i.e.   SAD.



Schizophrenia is very well defined term in which person has very strong hallucination which may be visual or auditory or both. In visual hallucination, patients   see some people who do not exist actually, who continuously talk to them. Whereas in auditory hallucination there are continuous/nonstop voices/mixture of voices are heard which are too disturbing and person feel that someone giving commands to them. These people show aggression to close relatives.

DELUSION is another important symptom which means false thinking. Person thinks that someone (especially close relatives) is doing conspiracies against him.

NEGLEGENCE OF HYGIENE: They are more phonetic (fussy) about their hygiene. They think that they are not clean and come in complex so take bath, wash hands again and again and loose lot of water.

FLATENNING OF FACE: Their face has no expression, and face seems like mask, emotionless and blind

ANHADORIA: They have poverty of words and have no expressions while talking, and after long thinking they complete single sentence, this condition is called ANHADORIA.

One of the prominent features is ISOLATION, they cannot mingle and interact with people.

They have killing tendency and have erg to kill and committing suicide, when he announce that he committing suicide then he will fulfill it, its not only warning.





In PARANOID person thinks that someone is going to kill him or he is very important person, this situation develops due to any accident, trauma, or disturbance in family or death. Person does not trust his close relatives even his mother, father, husband, wife and sibling.

In CATATONIC SCHIZOPHRENIA muscles are too rigid that they are hard like rock, so patients cannot relax (increase muscle tone) person remain in frozen posture.

In RESIDUAL SCHIZOPHRENIA mixed symptoms are seen.

All this occur due to biochemical or pathological changes, substentia nigra or limbic system in brain which is responsible for giving emotions, there is increase in the concentration of dopamine in this area, if not managed then due to hyperactivity of limbic system person may become very violent killer, rapist, if managed in early phase then person may survive.


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