Senopati Pamungkas: Episode 1 – The Figures1

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Eyang Sepuh, better known as the name of a master craftsman who inhabit a very powerful Cloud University. From Eyang Sepuh was echoed with the teachings of the Book of the Earth with a powerful stance, the One Hand Clapping Doctrine that is parallel with Buddhism, both in the Indies, China and Japan as. Or even to the Turkana country. Eyang Sepuh also makes the candidate throughout the universe came into Trowulan, to prove who’s inherited the true knowledge. But from the beginning, Eyang Sepuh never manifest themselves. Only a few people, Gayatri and Upasara, who never heard his voice. Eyang Sepuh mastery has reached the level of moksa (out of the body), disappeared along with the body and soul.

Adipati Lawe, or Ranggalawe, one of the great Majapahit Senopati services. Aria is the son of his first name Wiraraja like his father, Aria dictiorial. Ranggalawe, the name of Raden Sanggrama Wijaya which may be a clue when it’s rank. Rangga is the same as the district head office today. Black horses and horse image banners, show strong when it became Adipati, Adipati kind ofruler of a territory, in the Tuban area. Another designation is Adipati Amancanegara, a kind of chief in the region outside the palace. Patih Amancanegara demonstrate mastery beyond the palace territory. Which is divided in the west, east, north, and south lies the palace.

Galih Kaliki, figures that the origins of the martial arts and universities are not easily understood. Weapons flagship acid galih a stick, the middle or heart tamarind tree. Only later did note that his style is similar to the knights of Japan as a long sword. He was a hard, honest, what it is. And throughout his life falling in love or infatuated in Nyai Demang.

Senopati Anabrang, or Mahisa Anabrang. One of his era palace Senopati Singasari who roamed up to the Malay and only returned twenty years later. Continuing devotion to the King of Majapahit, with two beautiful daughters one of which was made ​​king’s wife.

Senopati Nambi, or mpu Nambi, one Senopati Majapahit, the leaders of soldiers telik sandi, or secret army. Appointed as mahapatih, a top job after the king. Mahapatih run the day-to-day administration. Directly supervises the Senopati, day to day a administration, duke or.His appointment as mahapatih many invites disagreement. Especially from the Adipati Lawe, who expect him or Mpu Sora who assume the position.

Wilanda, one university student clouds, which then break away and become a mainstay soldier Singasari palace, and then back again to the Education Cloud. Virtuous, and a companion Upasara since childhood. Knowledge is difficult to surpass the way the body soothe like a dragonfly perched on the tip of the leaf.

Kiai Sumelang Gandring, or MPU Sumelang Gandring, a derivatives expert Keris (the original weapon of Java)  maker who wanders up to the western tip of Java. There to continue his science. Throughout the twelve disciples, and all use the term Gandring. So special is the twelfth row Gandring can arrange a flexible and powerful. Among Jiwandana Jiwana style attack, orTembang (song) Life.

Nyai Demang, the only female character who is often considered only because of sell romance, and a plump body shape. According to the story, first wife of a village headman, the rank of sub-districtlevel. Many of the knights became victims of a smile and her body shape. However, despite all autward charm, Nyai Demang been unparalleled in terms of its ability to learn foreign languages​​. It was she who became copyists Tartar language when troops landed.

Halayudha, one of the Majapahit Senopati not so prominent in the war. His movements were enigmatic, because the relationship is very close to the King of Majapahit, and the ability to run very deceitful tactics, gummy, but it worked. Martial arts including very high because he was a direct disciple Uncle Sepuh, plus avariety of science obtained its own.

Tribhuana, daughter of the king of Sri Kertanegara be his wife by Raden Wijaya. As the daughter of Sultan, Tribhuana known to have extensive knowledge and ways of speaking are excellent at capturing the atmosphere, so it was called Mahalalila. As the first empress, in fact entitled to bear the crown prince Tribhuana. But the fact is, because the King of Majapahit choose another consort.

Mahadewi, Tribhuana sister who is also the wife of the King. Mahadewi is known as the daughter of the king of romance powerbase.

Jayendradewi, or Empress Pradnyaparamita, sister Goddessalso dipermasurikan Majesty. Not as pretty as her sister”Gayatri”, but the loyalty and nobility budinya become role models.

Dara Jingga, daughter of Malay boyongan Senopati Anabrangdedicated to the king. However, later married one of his royalpalace in the country who continue the Malay government.

Dara Petak, brother Dara Jingga, which made ​​the king with his wife Empress.




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