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Fishing guild

Now when lobsters sell for nearly 300gp and swordfish for nearly 400gp it is fairly simple when you have multiple fishing spots and a bank right beside to take advantage of this opportunity! This is the fishing guild. You need level 68 fishing or level 63 with an admiral pie (recommended). You can easily make 150-200k per hour while semi-AFKing (not watching just moving to a new fishing spot). However fishing maxes out here with the exception of sharks. The only benefit of gaining extra levels after 68 is simply to get lobsters and swordfish faster. I highly suggest you get your fishing up you never have to pay full attention and you can easily earn risk free profits in teh fishing guild!

Vial Running

If you have heard of the eye of newt money making plan this one makes about 30gp more per item and is in higher demand! You need 10 construction as well as 37 magic. You will earn a good amount of magic XP as well as cash for this one. I suggest a mud staff or Air staff to make more space in your inventory as well as save rune money. Talk to an estate agent and have your house moved to taverly. Now get a bunch of cash 10k+ and lots of teleporting runes! Teleport to your house, skip around the corner fill up on filled vials then teleport to falador (closest teleport to a bank) Bank your vials and then teleport back to your house! Sell the vials for a bit over the regular price, they will sell within a day!

Iron Dagger Smithing

YES, you can make money off iron, even if you buy the iron! Just be sure to use a ring of forging. Go to edgeville or another very close furnace, make all your ore into bars (obviously!) Now smith them all in varrock west bank area into iron daggers! Note them all and go to teh sword shop. Sell the max amount at once, then world hop and sell to teh next store! You can actually make a 40% profit per iron ore using this method however it is time consuming but it makes a profit off smithing which is rarely seen nowadays!


You require level 10 summoning. You can make or buy off the Grand Exchange a spirit spider pouch and 10 scrolls of egg spawn. Red spider eggs currently sell for about 500gp each on the Grand Exchange. The scroll will drop 5-6 eggs and costs nearly nothing at all! You can do this over and over as long as the spirit spider familiar is still alive and you have scrolls! You can do this INSIDE A BANK making it an ideal method for fast cash and a small bit of summoning experience, even more experience if you make the pouches and scrolls yourself. This is a little known method which has not been shared much keeping the price up on red spider eggs for those of us who know it! Try it!Deadly_Red_Spider.gif

Swamp Tar

Swamp tar, who wants swamp tar? Well it is a very important herblore ingredient! They sell for 180+ each. The demand for swamp tar is high yet the supply in amazingly low considering how simple it is to aquire! All you have to do is walk around the lumbridge swamp and you can earn 150k an hour! The best way however is to get a lantern, a rope and some super anti poision potions and go kill cave slime with slayer 17 in teh lumbridge caves! Don’t bring an open light source or things will explode and you’ll die! Also beware teh wall beast it can deal up to 20 damage on you at anytime be careful but the 1-9 swamp tar drops guaranteed by the cave slime is worth it!

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