Making an Outfit My Own

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Whilst out clubbing with a few of my friends, I took the opportunity to have a look around to see what clothing people were wearing to give me an idea of what was in fashion and also what looked like it was going to become a trend. I often do this as sometimes people buy clothes from further down South, were the fashion is one step ahead of us in the North East. This transaction is often quicker than some of the local clothing shops and it gives me an idea of what to look for when I shop online. I like to be involved in trends before they peak, so I feel different and to ensure people take note of my style in order to copy.

I began thinking, in an area where the variety and choice of clothing is limited, how do you find an outfit that will help you stand out? Logically, most people should be wearing very similar clothes, especially as the clothing will be tailored for a night out and not sitting around the house. I was particularly stumped by this and the only people I could see who stood out from the rest, were wearing a different fashion – probably like I said, from further South.

After a good hour or so watching people as I socialized with my friends, I noticed a group of men standing talking to each other in a kind of circle. They were pretty much dressed the same as everyone else. However, there was something that made them stand out… then it dawned on me, they were all wearing watches. Simple but brilliant! By wearing a stylish watch they had inadvertently turned a touchstone outfit into something unique and distinctive.

I then realised, maybe it is not all to do with the actual clothes that you are wearing but more to do with how you wear them and what you wear them with. If I were then able to style my clothing with a range of different accessories, I would be able to look different and create my own style based on the accessories I use. For a more classy and sophisticated look, I may want to investigate the purchase of a fashion savvy watch; for an indie look, I could always introduce a selection of bracelets and materials to my style. As there are endless possibilities, there is no limit to what I can create and I will always be able to take a standard selection of clothes and make the style my own.



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