Bulk Sms And The Changing Marketing Practices

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We are living in times of cut throat competition. Companies have become more customer oriented and have started realizing the importance of communication with their customers. Gone are the days when newspaper advertisements, magazine prints and TV advertisements were the only methods of marketing your product and increasing brand awareness. As companies search for new and more personalized ways of marketing, bulk SMS has come to the surface as one potential method of communicating with the target market more effectively and efficiently than any other methods of advertisement. One such method is bulk SMS marketing.

The concept behind Bulk SMS is very simple. A client or a company uses the services of a Bulk SMS Provider to deliver messages across its target consumer base. The reason for using the services of a bulk SMS provider is that sending individual messages via a telecom carrier would prove very costly and hence would defeat the whole attractiveness of bulk messaging as a personalized and a cost effective method of marketing.

Clients have also moved on to sending voice SMS to their target base. Sending voice SMS’ has become possible only because of the advancing technology and rapidly falling prices of bulk messaging. Voice SMS is considered as a more efficient method of marketing than bulk SMS, however Voice SMS is costlier than text message.

Clients are also making efficient use of two way messaging in order to gather feedback about their products and services and take suggestions from customers regarding improvements, new products etc.  

Clients can also use the services of a bulk SMS provider to deliver communication messages to all their employees. Generally companies prefer e-mailing all the information to their employees, but there are many companies that prefer messaging because not all employees may have access to internet. The best part about bulk message advertising is that it reaches the message box of every single customer and each of them will view the message if not instantly then by end of the day.
In addition, bulk messaging can also serve as a method of delivering urgent communication. The biggest advantage of using bulk SMS service is that you can send any number of messages in one click. Individual messaging not only proves costly but is also time consuming and hence puts an adverse effect on the efficiency of your advertising campaign. Making use of Two Way Messaging, bulk messaging and voice SMS will surely give you an edge over your competitor and help you chalk out effective marketing strategies.


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