6 Web Design Jobs That Make Money Online

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1. Web designer or graphic designer
The most popular and spread job one can be occupied with on the web. Requires good art skills, creative march of intellect and rich imagination for designing web sites on various topics. You can work either from office or from home being a freelancer and managing the work time according to your preferences. Your income depends on the quantity and quality of accomplished tasks, but in fact this job can bring a big income.

2. Web writer/copywriter
Nowadays web writers are much in demand for companies involved in web industry as they are responsible for advertising and writing content, usually working in a creative team, but also there is always a possibility to work from home being a freelancer. So if you are full of interesting ideas and are fond of creative writing you can make good money writing on the web.

3. Editor/copyeditor
Is responsible for the publication content and requires perfect language skills for managing and editing the content.

4. Product manager
The main tasks of a product manager imply researching, selecting and placing companies products, as well as companies working in the market of web development.

5. Digital developer
This job means dealing with e-commerce and requires certain e-commerce, design and flash scripting experience for developing software and creating websites from scratch.

6. Web reviewer
Is similar to what web writers do but implies writing reviews of movies, books and what not for the web sites. You are free to express your ideas doing it in your own genre reviewing items whenever you have time.

Except jobs listed above there is a lot of other opportunities for earning money on the web. For example, you can run your own website or join some affiliate programs – it’s up to you to decide. But remember that web development industry is always open for everyone to try hand at earning online.


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