Susan Boyle is an inspiration

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Susan Boyle has won the hearts of millions.  In just a few days the YouTube video of her singing I Dreamed a Dream has had over 8 million views.  Susan is the personification of hope and never giving up on your dreams.

It’s hard to watch her video and not get emotional.  You could see the audience and the judges were skeptical to say the least.  I’m sure many thought this lady was going to humiliate herself in front of millions,  Instead, she shocked everyone with her incredible voice.  Susan is certainly one of the most unlikely candidates for instant stardom anyone could think of.

Susan spent her adult life caring for aging parents.  Because she was born with a disability and was taunted by kids her age she escaped in music.  Her mother had wanted her to sing in public but Susan said she couldn’t bring herself to do so until after her mother’s death.  Now it remains to be seen what her future brings, but since she has touched so many people already I would say it is all but certain we will hear much more from her in the months and years ahead.

Susan’s story is very inspiring as it encourages everyone to live their dreams, and to never give up.  She can make you dream and dare to take the risk.  I think Susan probably knew people were going to be skeptical when they saw her, but she proves we should never prejudge anyone.  She showed courage and grace and was very humble when she got the accolades from the judges and standing ovation from the audience.  Even Simon Cowell thought she was amazing! She deserves every bit of it, and I’m sure many of us can’t wait to hear from her again, and see what her future holds.

Well done Susan!


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