Long Code Sms – A Subset of Sms

It is now official. 83% of the SMS’s are opened by its recipients within an hour of receiving. This makes it one of the most reliable ways to market your products or establish brand. Excited? Interested? Then continue reading.

Today, SMS is exploited all over the world for numerous marketing chores. This is typically done by sending bulk SMS. Bulk SMS service provider in India provides all the necessary tools and technologies to send text based marketing AD’s to mobile phone subscribers. Bulk SMS accomplishes this task via SMS gateways. SMS gateway is a set of protocols which can be integrated into websites, web applications, shopping carts and share trading applications.

SMS application is provided free of cost by SMS service provider to its registered users. All you need to do is to buy SMS credits and start marketing your products. You can also choose the type of gateway; premium or standard. Bulk SMS can also be sent via excel application and email clients. The required plug-in is provided by SMS service providers.

Of all the above mentioned methods,Bulk SMS Software is the preferred choice. It is a standalone application, which has an intuitive and self explanatory interface. It allows marketers to compose a text AD campaign, select recipients from its built-in database and send it to thousands of recipients with just a click of the mouse button. Sending SMS via this software is reliable, quick and cost effective. It requires no special hardware or tools.

Mentioned below are some of its salient features.

1.    Send bulk or group messages. You can even dispatch a single message.
2.    Extremely efficient and reliable because it exploits high priority routes to send SMS’s.
3.    Marketers can integrate their own database (Mobile phone subscribers).
4.    Unlimited sender ID’s is yet another attractive feature.
5.    Facility for individual login. Personal control panel with an array of features.
6.    Simple and easy to understand interface; you do not require technical manpower.
7.    Marketers can send personalized messages.
8.    Message previewing facility.
9.    SMS character counting facility.
10.     Only opt-in customers receive marketing messages.

One of the best features of this software is that you don’t need a mobile phone or a SIM card. You just need an internet connection, a web browser and SMS credits to start marketing your products.

SMS in its basic avatar is an amazing marketing tool. But it has its limitations in terms of feedback or interactivity. This is fulfilled by its two subsets called short code and long code.

Long Code SMS typically uses an 8 digit telephone number for marketing campaigns. Long codes are used by companies who do not want their customers to pay premium rates for responding to their SMS or sending them a query, which generally happens with short code.

Mentioned below are some of its application areas.

1. Promotional marketing and outdoor advertising.

2. Television and radio advertising,

3.  Print advertising.

Like short codes even long codes can be used to generate multiple keywords to identify various advertising campaigns. These can be used for international campaigns unlike short codes which are typically limited to local broadcast.

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