Rooney Family Photos That Were Stolen And The Thief is Jailed

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Still remember with personal photos, Wayne Rooney, his wife and family in the camera, Coleen Roney, who lost and then proceed to extortion against the Manchester United star?The culprit had to stand trial and was sentenced to prison and social work.

The Daily Mail reported Lee Platt (29) convicted of theft and extortion against the Rooney family for the photos was sentenced to two years in prison. At that time, the football star’s family was forced to make up for it with money of 5,000 pounds or approximately USD 70.6 million if you do not want the pictures in the camera was sold to the magazine.

Meanwhile, his colleague, Steven Malcolm (42) was sentenced to 20 months imprisonment. Platt’s girlfriend, Jennifer Green (26), sentenced to social work and 40 hours of work without pay because it is proven to help keep the stolen goods.

The police can arrest them after doing undercover to negotiate and meet with Steven Malcolm at Hotel Marriot, Manchester, September 2010.

Malcolm came with 400 sheets 11 sheets of photo. Each photo is wrapped with a plastic sheet which fingerprints exposed Lee Platt and his girlfriend, Jennifer Green.

Judge Anthony Gee QC said the blackmail is vile and reprehensible act. Therefore, punishment should be given to bring a deterrent effect and prevent similar cases.Moreover, Platt and Malcolm pujnya previous criminal record.

“You get a memory card and camera, then involve your girlfriend and Steven Malcolm,” he said.

Meanwhile, lawyers Platt, David Toal, said that although his client admitted his actions were not initially intend to carry out extortion.

“Of the many side is seen as an amateur effort. This is an effort that has been visible since the beginning doomed to failure. He is fully remorseful and as a family member also has realized that he had made a mistake and cause injury and suffering,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor, Deborah Gould, said Coleen reported that he lost the camera after watching a pop concert at the MEN Arena in Manchester, May 24, 2010. Gould says Coleen deny that there are photographs of her husband was drunk in some countries.

“He (Coleen) said that what is really sad is that the photographs were not relevant to someone other than himself and his family. And if it be said that the pictures show her husband was in a number of countries, it is not true, and it has caused him (Coleen) stress, “says Gould.


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